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Zhejiang publishs break out of an encirclement of collective of leasehold medium
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 Zhejiang a few civilian battalion medium and small businesses appears inferior healthy sign: Capital insecurity, recombine faint, transition not to have the door

Regard the civilian battalion of Zhejiang economy pillar as the enterprise, suffer raw material price to rise, the RMB appreciates accelerate wait for influence of a lot of and integrated element, management difficulty is increased increasingly, gain ability drops continuously, a lot of production industries are immersed in the corner with insufficient go into operation of nearly 1/3 company even, the company of gal hundred advantage that the reporter starts in carry on encountered general manager Li Chengjun, he told about the difficulty that place of company near future encounters to the reporter.

Benefit of Zhejiang gal hundred Li Chengjun of limited company general manager: "The most difficult when the raw material that is manufacturer even comes to our company, they should wait for a sum of money, after be being taken, ability is done, this moment is the most nervous when. This moment is the most nervous when..

Reporter: "Wait for the boiler below rice? "Wait for the boiler below rice??

Li Chengjun: "Wait for the boiler below rice. "Wait for the boiler below rice..

Firm of gal hundred interest is an integrated company that gives priority to course of study with grey treatment, inside the raw material storehouse of the enterprise, li Chengjun told correspondent business raw material in detail the circumstance that rise.

Li Chengjun: "The word previously is this about the same 11 thousand yuan or so, this moment gets 13 thousand yuan or so now. This moment gets 13 thousand yuan or so now..

Reporter: "Are 13 thousand yuan is one ton? "Are 13 thousand yuan is one ton??

Li Chengjun: "One ton, a ton raw material price, raw material rose in price to made cost go up. Raw material rose in price to made cost go up..

Accompany those who let a raw material value to climb litre, the gain scale of the enterprise is decreased in progressively acute, it is deficit even, this makes the circulating fund that Li Chengjun can master in the hand also is decreased in synchronous acute, the change of the inventory circumstance of raw material is best proof.

Li Chengjun: "The below stocks below normal circumstance reachs that light namely, of that steel wire that the horizontal stroke pulls above, whole storehouse piles solid, it is contented entirely, look more deserted now, main because of the payment for goods that get the materials ready. Main because of the payment for goods that get the materials ready..

Li Chengjun is straight-out, as a result of capital be in short supply increasingly, the normal production of own enterprise suffers already got menace, must reduce yield, affect whole industry even live, capital problem has been in to a lot of enterprise on whole industry chain generation influence.
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