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Buy medical apparatus and instruments " 5 gist "
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Nowadays, palace of park, culture public often appear with " lecture, seek advice, free experience " wait for name to in the old people conduct propaganda, illegal activity that hawks the medical apparatus and instruments such as physiotherapy. Bureau of inspect of Yinchuan city medicine handled illegal case two cases recently, and caution consumer, buy product of medical apparatus and instruments to be written down sincerely " 5 gist " .

It is to should choose dimensions the good, businessman that has fixed business place buys big, credit product of medical apparatus and instruments, do not buy the product of medical apparatus and instruments that pedlar of going from place to place and deliver goods come, appear in case quality problem and be harmed hard thought fors the time being.

The 2 special type trades that should examine product of medical apparatus and instruments to manage principal part manage business license to wait for relevant certificate, see its card illuminate all ready, management qualification is lawful, if the other side does not have relevant card to illuminate, had better not buy.

3 should ask for a manual to the businessman and read carefully, see well the need that whether fits oneself reachs use essentials. Whether is differentiate Qing Dynasty belonged to with " the word that defend pass the time in a leisurely way " , " Wei Jian word " the product product that pretends to be congener medical apparatus and instruments, especially sham entrance medical apparatus and instruments. 4 want goods to compare 3, do not buy too as low as case of rate of exchange of other businessman photograph product, and buy product of medical apparatus and instruments when, ask for on the spot fill in the project is all ready certificate of approval of the acceptable bill that builds red rule, product and " 3 packets " the proof.

The enrollment of the products of 5 medical apparatus and instruments that should notice to examine oneself to buy card number, norms model, lot number effect period, content of product outer packing, label, manual is consistent, entrance product must mark with the Chinese that with its be sensible of foreign language mark is the same as, otherwise the authenticity of this product is suspectable. Also can use database of bureau of all sorts of information, state and network to wait to undertake inquiring to medical apparatus and instruments, retrieve, with " identify " , look to whether belong to medical inspect branch " announcement of quality of medical apparatus and instruments " in the false of low quality that publish product of blacklist of medical apparatus and instruments, although discovery and this blacklist are photogenic,the medical apparatus and instruments that is the same as producing area also should serve as a key to suspect a boy or girl friend, if discover product quality is doubtful,wait for a circumstance, seek advice in time to medical inspect branch and complain, lest be deceived, cogent the legitimate rights and interests that safeguards oneself.
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