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China (Guangdong) body rich is met be about to hold in Guangzhou
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By approval of Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China, games of the 16th Asia organizes committee to support particularly, the “ that by Chinese sports center of equipment of equipment of sports of total bureau of sports of scientific society, country, Guangdong saves sports of Special Administrative Region of bureau of civil affairs of Special Administrative Region of sports bureau, Hong Kong, Macao to develop bureau, Guangdong to save sports industry association, constant and group limited company to be sponsorred jointly the 5th another name for Guangdong Province, afterwards Beijing Olympic Games kicks off Guangzhou is in after a month bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition center is held. This the activity explains the good chance that it may be said is further progress to sporting goods enterprise, since Guangdong body rich can be in Guangzhou to hold first 2000 oneself, already developed Cheng Yazhou nowadays the 2nd big sporting goods major of the 3rd big, home is exhibited meeting, rich of body of the 9th Guangdong met 2008 business chance of it may be said is infinite:

Of development exhibit: Business chance of ” of triangle of “ Pearl River is infinite

As a result of CEPA (the arrangement that inland and Hong Kong concern about building trade of more close together classics) carry out formally, drove area of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province and Chinese inland quickly economy of ” of extensive bead triangle encircles the “ of the kilometers of 9 2 million square that visit an area inside form and develop, “ floats bead trigonometry ” will become the world to go up to flourish most, one of areas that have energy most, also be manufacturer of domestic and international sporting goods is entered at the same time inferior the optimal arena of carry market.

The exposition of sports of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province that sheds flower show house to hold at beginning to export a trade fair every year in Guangzhou 2004, first have namely global ginseng of many 200 enterprise is exhibited, conform for industry of two ground sports and international sports industry, communication provided a good cooperative platform. In the 5th exposition, special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, Macao all is in about the branch exhibit built in the meeting install especially exhibit a stage, the platform action that rich of body of have the aid of meets popularizes extensive bead sports actively to cooperate, the sports between stimulative area communicates and develop.

Of the opportunity exhibit: Asia Game Guangdong is indebted 2010

2010 Guangzhou Asia Game is Guangzhou grand occasion not only, also be complete China grand meeting, it is complete Asia grand meeting more. Guangzhou serves as the Asia Game sponsorred a city 2010, sports industry already entered the drive that a high speed develops. Guangdong body rich meets what marriage Asia Game, world carries meeting, whole nation carries meeting and province carry meet meeting, civil transport greatly greatly promotion of all sorts of contest conduct propaganda and preparatory job, all-around during the exhibition the huge market that ground assistance ginseng extends business to enter great event of a few general Yo. Exhibit this can set Guangzhou only inferior carry shows a region, will show the side such as figure of Guangzhou Asia Game, concept, program, project adequately, become receive 2010 Guangzhou inferior carry, the conduct propaganda that faces domestic and international personage reveals platform, the sports big market that extends business to enter this Guangdong high speed to develop for domestic and international ginseng offers rare chance.
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