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Appraise sth through discussion of brand of electron of the 3rd China is started
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On September 10, 2008, when the whole nation celebrates joyously the 24th teacher's day of Chinese, job of appraise sth through discussion of brand of electron of the 3rd China is started formally. The organizing committee will hold royal electronic brand to build height forum in China century altar on December 12, release the pop chart of value of China electron brand this year.

The year before last year was mixed on July 9 last year on July 23, we held appraise sth through discussion of brand of 2 China electron successfully, released pop chart of value of China electron brand twice.

2006, it is we hold appraise sth through discussion of value of brand of Chinese electron company first, pass this appraise sth through discussion, calculated a system to undertake examining to our brand value first inside electronic industry. Current each industry is established is " commercial weekly publication " the brand value pop chart that publishs every year, their brand value is with things card above quota gain ability, by get with brand actual strength. We think at going up the brand value of figuration calculates the century this seventies the system is more backward, mirror this a few years to come hard brand practice and academic development, accordingly we go up in the foundation of these two elements, expanded brand state this element. Watch adds such reflective brand price to be mixed in the round accurate, approbate because of what this also got extensive business. Pass the brand appraise sth through discussion of first time, examined successfully to taste card value to calculate a system not only, more important is, we understood the brand of each enterprise to build a state. Although participate, is enterprise of many 60 thousand electron in, have many 300 company of brand consciousness most, outside the brand manager that has specific duty besides few number enterprise, more perfect brand management system, great majority enterprise behaved the following characteristic: It is the does not have full-time brand manager of 25% , 2 it is the brand management department that the enterprise of 26% does not have full-time, 3 it is the company brand of 45% , did not undertake core value locates. That is to say, neither one gives the core of consumer consent. This is China current and general terrible phenomenon, a lot of companies say, our product is very good, quality is very good, but when asking about the distinction with the competitor, said to not be clear about. Lack buys argument amply. Lack uniqueness and authenticity. 4 it is the enterprise of 57% does not have brand framework. That is to say, the relation between the brand is ambiguous. In the rest 43% in, have the brand framework that is as high as 86% again, it is the constituent framework of the enterprise only, apparent and both not be one and the same. 5 it is brand management system is lacked quite. Only the enterprise of 57% has brand management system, in this 57% enterprises, having the brand management system that is as high as 47% again is brand management system. Pass these understanding, we know Chinese electron enterprise is built in the brand medium far apart, we and each company are same, responsibility is very heavy.
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