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Exhibition of international medical apparatus and instruments
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In net of world medical treatment

Platform of product of Chinese medical treatment

Net of equipment of Chinese medical apparatus and instruments

" medical apparatus and instruments is purchased "

" medical treatment equips "

" company of magazine of international medical apparatus and instruments "

Undertake unit: Shanghai expands the exhibition serves advertisement of international of limited company Shanghai to show limited company

★ program is arranged

Report for duty cloth exhibits: On Feburary 28, 2009 —3 month 1 day

Opening ceremony: On March 2, 2009 (9: 00—9: 30)

Exhibition: On March 2, 2009 —3 month 4 days (8: 30—16: 00)

Remove exhibit: On March 4, 2009 afternoon

★ shows range

Appliance of rehabilitation of medical treatment of ● family expenses: Disabled of appearance of cure of appearance of cure of bed of tepid physiotherapy bed, massage physiotherapy of far infrared ray, far infra-red and tepid magnetism, tepid potential, old people massages mattess of health care of bath crock, of all kinds jade to wait.

● massages appliance; Blood circulation of massager, seat of health care of massage chair, massage bed, office, plantar massager, massage mat, massage belt, massage back of a chair, gas is instrument of machine, massage pillow, hairdressing, dynamoelectric the massage appliance such as massage bed.

● medical apparatus and instruments: Instrument of of all kinds and new-style medical treatment and medical instrument of form a complete set and equipment, heart custody equipment, medicine is video equipment of equipment biochemistry test. Tonometer reachs the equipment of the of all kinds medical treatment that occupy the home such as the thermometer.

● diagnoses remedial facilities: X line diagnoses system of examination equipment, ultrasonic diagnostic device, nuclear medicine equipment, endoscope. Facial features division treats material of equipment of facilities of frozen plant of instrument, low temperature, dialytic treatment, emergency treatment, one-time cost to wait.

Chair of supervisory system of ward of ● hospital asepsis, ward, of all kinds sickbed, operation, bed, medical car, litter.

● assists device: Sterilize sterilization series product. Make oxygen offer oxygen equipment, a blood bank equipment, medical appliance of data and image processing equipment, rehabilitation, disabled is special equipment. .

★ ginseng exhibits expense

● standard exhibits: 9 square metre (3mx3m)

● home company: 11800 yuan of RMBs /

Course of study of ● condition foreign enterprise: 3800 dollars /

The standard exhibits a charge to include: Showpiece 2.5 meters field, tall wainscot, negotiate desk a piece, chair 2 pieces, extend written language of an illume, carpet, lintel board.
● exhibits empty space (empty space is least hire 36 square metre) .
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