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Exhibition of international medical apparatus and instruments
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● home company: 1200 yuan of RMBs / square metre

Enterprise of ● foreign capital: 380 dollars / square metre

● charge includes: Showpiece service of field, carpet, security personnel, extend a clean service.

Meeting Wu expends: Everybody is 500 yuan, use at conference data, ginseng to exhibit card, lunch, beverage, souvenir to wait.

★ ginseng extends application program

2 ginseng exhibit an unit to fill in seriously [ginseng exhibit application form] , have ginseng exhibit unit chief to sign and after affix one's seal, send or the fax comes sponsor an unit.

After 2 classics sponsor an unit to affirm, ginseng exhibit an unit to must press formulary general ginseng to exhibit cost to collect to sponsor an unit.

2 receive ginseng after exhibiting cost, sponsor an unit to be exhibited by principle allocation, send [ginseng exhibit detailed rules] concern arrangement with the announcement.

2 join please exhibit an unit to be read seriously [ginseng exhibit detailed rules] . The position that exhibit a stage allocates a principle: First application, prepaid money, allocate first.

★ charge pays detailed rules

2 ginseng exhibit an unit to be booked oneself exhibit since day 50% deposit pay inside 7 days, double-faced mouth is exhibited add collect 20% fee.

2 if join,exhibit an unit 7 days inside outstanding deposit, sponsor an unit to will not withhold its to book exhibit.

More than 2 beard is paid before Feburary 10, 2009, sponsor an unit to will inspect its to abandon joining otherwise exhibit.

The 2 units that if be joined after Feburary 10,exhibit, beard sum pays full ginseng to exhibit expense.

★ proceedings of a conferences

Proceedings of a conferences is divided outside sending director branch and relevant association, view extensively during congress to exhibit travelling merchant, still will carry the network that sponsors an unit

Subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy sends the system inside the course of study of each district of past whole nation and relevant distribute unit to wait.

Organizing committee flutter is in:

Shanghai expands the exhibition serves limited company

Address: Road of Shanghai Shanghai Min A of edifice of 6259 silver clouds 2203 rooms

Phone: 86-21-64126716

Fax: 86-21-64126798


Contact:  ?

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