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Profit of electronic estate company adds window of lack of demand of terminal of
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We think, the main reason that electronic component industry turns round situation of old adverse balance of trade is before a few years the industry carried yuan of parts of an apparatus or appliance all the time faster investment is added fast, as produce can release stage by stage, the whole world produces the outcome that can change to our country to begin to show, this also was included among them a few in high-end product, this makes on one hand domestic exit still keeps more driving add fast, replace to importing a product to form a part on the other hand, bring about an entrance to add fast drop considerably.

Because economy of prospective whole world enters the posture of cycle of be issued to lower levels to be made clear quite, look from demand accordingly, outside dividing demand of market of individual new product to be able to keep exuberant, great majority industry all can be faced with particular demand to add fast put the delay, risk that drops even. Relative to character, the difficult conference that those industries that give priority to with domestic demand and enterprise face is a few smaller. Nevertheless, while we think to pay close attention to demand to change in from above to below, more should the change that from bottom to top goes to paying close attention to company competition ability. Industry whole is added fast below the case that will put delay, surmount an industry to add fast the promotion that only way passes the promotion of competition ability to acquire market share namely. Accordingly, we think to reach four quarters to should dispose the business that those market share are promoting quickly mainly currently, the company that recommends mainly is song Er acoustics, big a group of things with common features laser, Qingdao is soft accuse, wide electricity use is connected and develop state electron.

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