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Introduce " toy " gym of athletic equipment student resembles taking pleasure gr
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New-style " toy " sports equipment very suffer a student to welcome business to sign up for reporter Ding Jie / photograph

Come 50 years, the sports equipment of the school is updated hardly, basketball, ran is gym all the time go up " mandatory " content.

Current, a kind fresh " toy " athletic equipment introduces campus of middle and primary school, will participate in sunshine athletic sports and the experiment that sports education reforms. If the test is successful, the gym on the student can resemble taking pleasure ground.

■ fancy

Came in campus new " toy "

Yesterday, in road of Yellow River of district of water of Zhengzhou city gold in the campus of the first elementary school, students the sports equipment amuse oneself round a batch of new setup.

The pupil Xu Chenglin of 5 grade queues up to sit in to be called " ladder of annulus crossing mountain " on equipment, lay down on look out, it is with the force of hand and foot next in annular equipment, like only small bug peristalsis advances.

"Finish class, I play this ' ladder of annulus crossing mountain ' climb with infestation climb implement. " Xu Chenglin says, he likes these new " toy " , than playing basketball, ran is much more interesting.

"The child is right the gym of interest prep above of these equipment. " a teacher says, these " toy " only ability of 10 middle and primary school have area of equipment gold water, they will cooperate gym to undertake an education experiments.

"This covers toy equipment, win national patent, according to the student's psychology and body characteristic design, safe and interesting, abound extracurricular activity of the student, do an exploration to sports education at present with it. Do an exploration to sports education at present with it..

■ reform

The effect is good will whole area promotion

High coach Niu Ansheng says center of training of scientific research of Henan province sports, "Come 50 years, sports equipment changes hardly, sports also needs to new way attracts a student to participate in. " although athletic sports environment ameliorated, but hardware establishment was not updated, play a ball game, ran always is these a few projects, student disinclination.

Niu Ansheng says, this athletic new material enters school yard, it is experiment of sunshine athletic sports and reform of education of sports of middle and primary school.

According to Introduction Liu Ligong, this the experiment is in the classics of golden water district road of 3 elementary school, culture 3 Xiaohe 76 medium 10 middle and primary school are begun, they will take out one part student to do comparative test from which.

Yesterday, in Yellow River road one small drew student of 120 5 grade, roundtrip to student height, weight, vital capacity, 50*8 run wait for a project to have a test, the test serves as primitive data as a result.
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