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Long Yongtu: Understand economy of Sino-US two countries in the round delicate b
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To the judgement of international economic situation, we should swing the traditional point of view in the past. American a dozen sneeze, the whole world catchs a cold although this kind of times does not have complete past, but had gone gradually. Today's global economy concept is not the western economy that explains from traditional sense, the trend that the global economy that Wo Si explains on forum can continue to glide is amounted to in Tianjin, basically be to point to western economy, the new economic system such as China, India and western economy still cannot say is complete fasten went up in a boat. Will tell from whole, the economy of Asian economy and burgeoning country still values quite, did not affect from what go up at all or be included western banking crisis this greatly by the United States.

There are a lot of views now, a lot of hard cash that think we earn, want to help American consumption finally, this looks a little one-sided, the delicate balance that we want to take a fancy to economy of beautiful two countries in the round concerns. Of economy of Sino-US two countries or mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, cannot say we bought the national debt of a large number of United States, seem even if send money to American. Our so old favorable balance of trade, basically come from the United States, whole 2007 favorable balance of trade is 2600 much dollars, among them 1600 much dollars come from the United States. The main commerce associate of we and Asia includes Japan, Korea to still have southeast Asia state, basically be adverse balance of trade. The expert is calculated, we took the favorable balance of trade of 66% to buy American national debt probably last year, american dominion assures this.

From this year since, the favorable balance of trade of we and United States drops substantially, we may buy the amount of American national debt to be able to decrease, but do not mean us not to buy American national debt. We buy the United States normally with foreign currency favourable balance of the part national debt and continue to take Qianmaimei now the nation is new American bond will support the United States to help city, this is affection of two different matters. Want departure.

Up to now, main to Chinese influence body exports this crisis now respect. Central Bank chief had said, this the whole world has capital of 1.5 trillion dollar to get probably the United States second the influence that lends the crisis, what China suffers an effect is left and right sides of 10 billion dollar probably, less than 1% . The impact of direct to Chinese money market fund is not big still, can regard us as to participate in the price that globalization pays. Will tell on whole, the mechanism that what I worry quite is American short term credit cannot be started very quickly, american consumer buys TV no longer, buy the clothes no longer, the likelihood exports the market to produce bigger effect to China.
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