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New technology makes useless plastic make large line of action plastic conduit s
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Tycoon of flotsam of Japanese ternary county -- Ming Xian of company limited green hill's president is in line of business of pipe of republic green environmental protection on the press conference that Shenzhen holds, showed head of useless polybag, plastic bottle, sodden glue the plastic rubbish that these your poll are fond of, plastic conduit of the large requirements PE that how becomes the sell like hot cakes on the market, PP is after passing special processing. He says, "Shenzhen takes the height of circular economy seriously, let us feel the pressing sex that handles plastic rubbish and the faith that invest in this industry. " this company abandons those who use newest research and development old plastic make technology of patent of large requirements conduit, manufacturing base and sale network are created in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing and other places, the circular economy of large-scale sortie China.

Green hill Ming Xian thinks, of plastic products reclaim and recycle is cosmopolitan problem, bury greatly, combustion processing is common method, country of a few wests carries plastic rubbish toward the developing country even, bring a harm to local environment. Be in China, the use quantity of plastic products is great, how becoming useless to be treasure is environmental protection task not only, also existing tremendous business chance.

"From the point of international experience, plastic conduit replaces conduit of cement, Tie Zhu, pottery and porcelain is hasten of general trends place, we are confident to plastic conduit market of China. We are confident to plastic conduit market of China..

When director of research center of economy of Shenzhen university industry Professor Wei Dazhi accepts a reporter to interview, say, use international collaboration to accelerate circular economy technology to develop burgeoning property, upgrade to the industry of Shenzhen the meaning is far-reaching. Green hill Ming Xian expresses, shenzhen city comes on stage about the policy that urges circular economy progress, renewable resources industry developed to provide very good platform in China for foreign capital enterprise, they will establish plastic conduit to produce factory and center of research and development of useless old plastic recycle in Shenzhen, in Shenzhen construction China plastic conduit exports base.

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