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Home appliance exposition is tasted newly appear -- Qibobo massager
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Qibobo massager

Product characteristic:

International vogue exterior reveals high quality
USB interface
Inside buy lithium report
OLED screen
Menu operation
The muscle exhaustion that is aimed at working be caused by is directional development

Small make up comment on:

This product applied technology of multinomial forward position to win multinomial patent, massage a machine be a the Cenozoic Era.

The portal control theory that teachs according to Melzack and Wall and inside source sex herion is academic, contrived a kind of brand-new biology wave technology -- TENS therapeutics. This therapeutics and traditional report stimulate the essential distinction of therapeutics, it is the weaveform that applies special modulation, at the same time in exciting motion fibrous stimulation feels fiber, produce rapid demulcent result thereby. On this foundation, develop further again for AL-TENS technology, be about to a kind of therapeutics that TENS and theory of Chinese medicine acupuncture join generation. AL-TENS is ameliorable small loop, quicken metabolism, achieve magical effect thereby. AL-TENS technology promotes greatly with aggrandizement of therapeutics of TENS therapeutics, pulse of traditional low intermediate frequency have effect already, applied process is more safe and easy, the effect is more rapid and direct.

Emulation massage, loosen body and mind

Quiet style moves, go fat thin body

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