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Japanese mould and union of accept rice technology enhance competition ability
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The product of the exceptionally grand occasion makes companionate forum ended satisfactorily on November 10. The author hopes to take the opportunity, express gratitude greatly to the person that each attending the meeting. And before same, attend this forum every time, the competition ability origin that total can personal feeling is made by Japanese product is the figuration that medium and small businesses breeds, treatment and mould technology. On the informal discussion that holds after forum ends, express according to manufacturer of some cold forging, the core of cold forging technology is designing ” at “ mould. Its reason is as follows. It is the car first product blueprint sends manufacturer general to forging in manufacturer hand. After that, by forging manufacturer basis product blueprint, the design gives mould blueprint. Between Japanese manufacturer, product blueprint mostly very simple. Because pass agelong business dealings,this is, forging the design ideology that the manufacturer has understood product firm, can ” of ground of “ understand tacitly designs an intent from what a the other side understands in product blueprint, mirror its in mould blueprint. Forging the manufacturer relies on simple product blueprint only, undertake the project is designed. Include which phase to undertake forginging, begin to undertake machining wait from where. Designing the project that can reduce cost the most effectively also is a kind of skill. Be out of shape through sentencing flexibility beforehand, undertake modification   to blueprint actually, most difficult when designing a pattern is cannot well complete the appearance according to the product, to forginging the mould undertakes carve. The flexibility that main reason is mould oneself is out of shape. When forginging, the mould can be expected by forge bucking tremendous counterforce. Accordingly, the mould can produce a few to expand. Because this kind expands,belong to flexibility to be out of shape, accordingly after active force cancel, appearance can recover from an illness. If cannot be planted according to this well phenomenon, undertake modification to blueprint, do not make the pattern that has given. Since “ is so difficult, still only production of Japanese firm ability forgings mould? ” to quizing, answer of the other side says: The thing that manufacturer of “ Japan product hopes has ability of Japanese die firm to produce only probably. ” however, this manufacturer already was built in Thailand according to the requirement of car manufacturer forging factory, the pattern also is being produced below this factory guidance in Japanese technology personnel. According to saying, good impart the technology not easily after local worker, they can resign immediately, make a person very pained. Should ask about to express dissatisfaction above all with the other side when the relation between data firm, namely although think increase production, the other side does not provide the data that exceeds first contract amount however. Nevertheless, data firm is right forging the attention rate of the manufacturer is very high, perfervid to the joint development of custom-built grade. Because forginged to the manufacturer has taken the lead in absorbing and understand the requirement of end item manufacturer adequately,this is, and the development place that these information are custom-built grade must. Once custom-built grade is adopted, use other data very hard again, because this can assure a steady volume. Regard the development in the past as case, introduced to change aluminium to forging through using field of digital home appliance plastic cell in the past to the author, and the example that enhanced precision and advanced sense, and through realizing close accurate figuration (Near Net Shape) , the example of the fittings cost that cuts car domain to used machining in the past. Whether had young employee acceded the marrow that figuration and mould make? “ is right, they very hard. The answer of ” the other side makes in popular feeling special sureness. It is not easy that job of invite applications for a job comparatives, but the course after entering a company grooms, they can generate interest gradually commonly. As “ product production ” is told, no matter who be,hear of, want to trying to do only, can feel very interesting. And the other side still adjures the author conversely, in be opposite to allow students, small treatment manufacturer generates interest, hope media also can make a few conduct propaganda more, raise “ product to produce the image of ” . Nevertheless, this company also is undertaking dividing the work recently, resemble going no longer in that way a person from the sale, to the design, be in charge of after all entirely to production again. Want to master whole forging technology already more and more difficult. The other side still expresses: “ must carry the kind of working rotate, let them learn relevant skill. ”

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