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In Russian commerce " high-tech transition " step a pace: Accept rice technology
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Feng Di altogethers

Jeff of Wei of heart of Russia president plum was visited in May China when put forward " 21 centuries are century of collaboration of the high-tech in Russia " hind, russia just begins in be the same as actively, just interact inside high-tech domain.
Company of group of nation of technology of Russia accept rice (next weighing " group of Russian accept rice " ) president Lieangnide Meilameide discloses in Beijing yesterday, russian both sides prepares to sign bilateral cooperation agreement with respect to collaboration of accept rice technology in, two countries still discussed together financing, build fund of venture of project of accept rice technology, combination to build hatch implement wait for a problem, can consider to draw private capital on financing among them.
Meilameide still says, two countries still has project of a lot of collaboration to be able to be begun in domain of accept rice industry, "According to our China the person of the same trade estimates, these project value a few yuan (RMB) " .
Jeff of plum heart Wei is visited China when, express Russia square not ready provides primary the sources of energy to China only, he emphasizes: "21 centuries will be the century that two countries high-tech cooperates, include to be made in spaceflight, shipbuilding, car, the respect such as accept rice undertakes cooperative. Include to be made in spaceflight, shipbuilding, car, the respect such as accept rice undertakes cooperative..
The Bai Chunli of assistant dean of Chinese Academy of Sciences that with minister of ministry of Chinese science and technology 10 thousand steel reach technology of rice of accept of direct leader China to develop yesterday held delegacy of group of Russian accept rice to talk. Meilameide says, just put forward to include a series of proposals of 10 many specific projects in the talk in, "Core proposal is domain of technology of rice of accept of associated investment production the high-tech product that has competition ability.
Meilameide says, russia just gives side of capital specified number in the government taller than China, china sells a respect to have very good advantage in the product.
Group of Russian accept rice held water last year, register capital fund 130 billion ruble (3.4 ruble add up to a RMB about 1 yuan) . This company is forecasted, to 2015, the 3% ~ that Russia will hold market of product of global accept rice 4% , year sale is close 1 trillion ruble.

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