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The man-machine interface of medical apparatus and instruments is designed
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Although undeserved cure fetterses,related to cure instrument product always error does not contact products plan together. Make clear to the research of the user, lack grooms enoughly the 70 % that take account of this kind of error arrive 90 % . But even if these responsibility people are likely already by " punish " , still put in other to cause the element of the harm to the patient, among them one of it is undeserved man-machine interface design a lot of break exposing to the sun is the medical treatment job that is concealed in convention and cure instrument product are used in, bring disaster to unwitting doctor and patient. Medical apparatus and instruments and user have what concern directly is the man-machine interface of medical apparatus and instruments. What man-machine interface sets the actor bad of juice to matter to medical apparatus and instruments is reliable the safety with the patient.

   1, the meaning of man-machine interface

The interface of person and product, call " man-machine interface " . Man-machine interface interpose is fastened at user and product between all, be deliver between person and product, the vehicle that exchanges information. The interfacial consist in of the product person -- in the information communication of content, can say even, should exist only all domains that character information communicates belong to design interface, its connotation element is very extensive, reflecting the concern between the character.

The development with man-machine interface academic design is organic and shirt-sleeve each theory of relevant course, perfect the basic idea of oneself, academic system and research technique ceaselessly, formed the omnibus brim course with a research and applied very wide range. Man-machine interface learns to include art of computer technology, psychological, ergonomics, design to learn, sociology and anthropologic the knowledge that waits for each respect, involve the computer, industry design, new media, psychological, sociology and anthropologic wait for course domain.

Draw together of man-machine bound biscuit is being used, preparation is used (for instance school team, set is mixed open) , perhaps safeguard maintain (if repair, clean) when all concerns with person happening component of appliance. It includes to control what appliance works to be like the hardware such as switch, key-press and knob already, include the other such as alarm of indicator light, monitor, seeing and hearing, also include a series of logistic, their guidance system how to make response to the instruction of the user, include how, when, and the form feedbacks information to the user with what kind of. Why is a of man-machine interface important facet planted namely logistic information shows and dominating action is the the ability with the user, expectation, most possible behavior appearance is consistent.
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