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Chinese expert shows the soft fitness equipment that conduce infant safety moves
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Xinhua net Guangzhou on August 4 special telegram (reporter cuckoo) " equipment of cheeper soft fitness can let darling already to the top of one's bent amuse oneself, can avoid the child to get hurt in amuse oneself as far as possible again, the child of 4 nursery school of our experiment likes equipment of this kind of fitness very much. " Luo Dongmei teachs the Beijing sports university that academic communication was participating in on Olympic science congress 2008 to pointing to equipment of cheeper soft fitness at the same time reveal wall newspaper, introduce this task that the scientific research group that she is in is studying to the reporter at the same time.

Luo Dongmei says to the reporter, 3 years old of cheeper that come 6 years old often ought to have scientific body activity, in order to promote its of growth level rise and constitutional health condition. However, many our country nursery school are afraid of make the child overmuch move, because of cheeper the hard to avoid in athletic process gets hurt, and soft fitness equipment can be helped solve this one problem.
Equipment of cheeper soft fitness is the project of a scientific research that implements by Beijing sports university and cartel, task group devised the soft fitness equipment that suits cheeper and gymnastical method, put the experiment of 4 nursery school of Beijing on 14 weeks of time, let cheeper cent be mixed for athletic group contrast group.

Experimental result makes clear, the fitness of two groups of cheeper all follows the growth of the age and rise, but the double foot of athletic group jumps continuously and take balance beam successful excel contrasts group, the scope that standing long jump and achievement of seat body proneness increase is more than significantly contrast group, "The leg ministry strength that this shows to the motion of soft equipment can raise children effectively and balance, withy and the body coordinates ability. "

According to introducing, at present already equipment of exercise of soft of 25 kinds of cheeper is in in try out, include balance beam of rainbow passageway, rock, stone crossing a river, trample stone to wait among them. Luo Dongmei says: "Feedback according to nursery school teacher, these equipment love by children. Task group still will continue to gather feedback information, with improving equipment further design and improvement train a method. With improving equipment further design and improvement train a method..

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