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Muti_function aerospace top class massage chair alleviates thoroughly human body
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[Sohu science message] report according to foreign media, tristar company rolled out a value recently 5000 euro (add up to 7807 dollars about) muti_function top class massage chair. This massage chair was deployed current the most advanced equipment, can alleviate in the round the pressure of human body, from back, crural ministry, cheek even finger tip can get most of Tie Xin take care of. Human body sits on such chair to still can hear beautiful music to loosen the mood, these music find a place for be given out on the frequency system on the chair from science.

Massage chair already became a kind of fashion at present, walk along household increasingly to live, not only practical and beautiful. Of Tristar company the massage chair that this rolls out anew looks to have science and technology to feel character very from the exterior, make the person associates very easily an aerospace journey and astronaut. Another its unique part is integrated facial ministry massages device, this makes it is close to human body more it seems that than general massage chair, volume is larger also, can feel gutty and complete those who surround is safe when the person sits inside. Personage of the analysis inside course of study says jokingly, it really value does not poor, the architect seems to try to let a person believe what creation comes out to this massage chair is the thought with Martian, so will costly muti_function massage chair moves a family to be returned it seems that not actual. (Shang Li)

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