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New fund massages chair to appear on the market nobly, new-style development pro
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New fund massages chair to appear on the market nobly, new model new technology, beautiful exterior is used comfortable, offer when house home is recreational comfortable enjoy. Modern gives birth to vivid rhythm to accelerate, carry momentum decreases, the loss that much body of job of case of extended hot season causes is inestimable, massage chair of new fund nobly, the body that can give you brings a few intimacy to suffer, suit to be in the home to perhaps be used in the office, bring you at any time and place healthy.
What live in contracted design now is classical, exterior vogue is novel, cervical double head is kneaded hold combinative vibration to massage, massage head height is adjustable the demand of contented family person, the small of the back is kneaded 8 times hold massage head beats massage head with two, area radiate is whole back, all-around massage, the enjoyment of professional class, automatic the massage gimmick that that end program is imitate major massagist, undertake the massage of all sorts of different technique to human body, bring you infinite satisfied, match cushion rubber of back of a chair especially, make massage effect more soft and comfortable.

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