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Japanese research and development gives activator new technology to lower fuel c
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Day Qing Dynasty is spun cooperate with Tokyo industry university, development went to use platinum of high price of carbolic and rather than to regard fuel cell as the new technology of activator. The charge of carbolic activator is platinum very one of, application can reduce fuel cell cost about 400 thousand yen at car domain. Two companies will at 2009 year before establish this technology. Use the face fuel cell to supply carbolic activator to family expenses and car at the appointed time. Additional, other firm also is developing activator substitute. Aim to drive cost of fuel cell all-pervading to reduce an activity increasingly grow in quantity.

Industry estimation, can reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) the demand in car and family expenses domain will enlarge the fuel cell of discharge capacity ceaselessly. What should realize fuel cell is practical change, on the base that needs to building hydrogenous fuel to supply system, development goes the activator of the platinum with replaceable rising price.

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