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Everybody of escape fitness error can reduce weight successful
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Now, the metabolic as it happens of average air temperature accords with day " lift gradually " characteristic, because this also is,have the best opportunity that take exercise.

But in moving, how should we avoid an error, let motion become happier? Trista consults 3 coaches technically, everybody looks quickly.

Gem gal

Directive coach: Shadow of Zheng of gal of Fuzhou leisurely Ji Yu
Do oneself gem gal, do not vie with others, make a motion while cooperate good breath! With barefoot had better, dress is comfortable, comfortable, so that swing of body physical ability. The person that has heart disease, high blood pressure should practice carefully, need successive practices, and should have a teacher coach beside help, do not review by oneself experienced.

   Error: Lianyu moves on gal wheeler
Often see the lady Lian Wanyu that is eager to thin body gal, oxygen is held or going attending again is to do appliance exercise. Actually, the result that such receiving is just the opposite to what one wished. At the back of had better put gem gal in other sport, this can remove very good relaxation effect of body and mind. If drill the redo after Wan Yuga a few more violent campaign, that can be to make the body nervous only, destroy energy equilibrium.

   Trista reminds: Two hours are mixed before the exercise practice hind cannot take food inside a hour, this can not be the regulation of rigid, however because of the person different, but had better be not to want to practicing around taking food.

   Move on the ball
Directive coach: In Dai Liping of rich fitness club

Take the body stand in spherical two legs differential opens upper part, knee joint angle about 90 degrees. Doing any sitting to stand in spherical when the movement that go up, body trunk must keep erect, abdomen is tightened up, the pelvis is indifferent the position, centre of gravity is perpendicular downward. Notice at the same time, avoid breathless, hold natural breath.

   Error: Force and pliability train to be able to not coexist
The main effect of gymnastical ball is the balance ability that trains human body, enhance a person to control capacity to sarcous, raise the flexibility of human body and harmonious sex. Ball of experienced good fitness, the force that can allow oneself actually and pliability training get very good development.

   Trista reminds: The choice suits his gymnastical ball, can buy to large gymnastical equipment club. Practice below the guidance of professional coach as far as possible.
Directive coach: Dong Jian of club of Bao Lihao fitness

Cannot hollow swim, such meetings cause hypoglycemia, meeting occurrence dizziness faints even feebly. Also cannot full abdomen swims, because just ate blood of thing stomach ministry to compare concentration, food digests difficulty, gastric ministry is afflictive. Also cannot swim after violent campaign.
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