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Gymnastical equipment is worth you which kinds to have
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"Row " when the body movement of each Qu Shen, delimit every time of the oar delimit brachial movements, make the extensor of about 90% enlisted campaign, it is accordingly right for the extensor that participates in any movements scarcely at ordinary times, it is to be benefited really boundless. Row the movement has apparent effect to exercising back muscle, let back be extended after body proneness and body in the center receive the oldest territory, have each joint of effect activity rachis at the same time, not only enhanced flexibility, also increased tenacity.

Gymnastical car- - the movement that the bicycle cannot replace

Gymnastical car has what the advantage that the bicycle cannot compare can develop him freely to drive a rate, the electronic apparent examine that can go up through gymnastical car all the time value of speed, time, heartbeat; Gymnastical car still has very strong safe feeling to the person of getting on in years and female.

Ride gymnastical car to need any technologies scarcely, just exercise a purpose to differ, ride the method of travel to also differ.

(1) has oxygen motion to drive a way

Driving gymnastical car is project of a kind of very good motion having oxygen, not only can fitness, and still have effect of more powerful auxiliary medical treatment. Fitness person usable will prevent fat reduce weight. You can choose to ride a method differently to raise cardiovascular function in order to achieve to wait for a purpose, specific practice law is:

Freedom rides to ride a time everyday all right not under 30 minutes, speed is controallable be in it is advisable to do not let breathe rhythm to have apparent change.

Intermittence rides a particular way to be as follows:

First warm up rides go 5 minutes, rest 2 minutes;

Ride with the intensity of 60% go 5 minutes, rest 3 minutes;

Ride a 3 ~ 5 minutes with the intensity of 80% , rest 5 minutes;

Ride a 5 ~ 10 minutes with the intensity of 50% , deepen breath, alleviate fatigue.

(2) intensity drives a way

This is the method of a kind of fitness that the male prefers, can improving heart lungs function while, enhance force of leg ministry sarcous and staying power, model perfect leg model.

First warm up rides go 5 minutes, ride with the intensity of 80% again go 5 minutes, rest 3 minutes, ride a 2 ~ 3 minutes with the intensity of 100% again, rest 3 minutes, ride a 5 ~ 10 minutes with the intensity of 60% (notice active ground, deepness ground breathes, in order to alleviate fatigue) .

[training notices] big to cardiovascular system stimulation, need to pass certain training to just can undertake so, heart disease patient, medium old people wants discreet.

(3) strength rides row

Basically be imitate hill road surround ride row, wait like upland, gentle slope, brae. Ride the to leg ministry force when travel the demand is stronger, need to have certain base.
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