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The United States is the country of production of medical apparatus and instruments with the biggest whole world, its develop the new product of medical apparatus and instruments that appear on the market every year to occupy the whole world to appear on the market about medical apparatus and instruments tastes newly 67 become. The research and development of new product of its medical apparatus and instruments basically represented the development trend of product of international medical apparatus and instruments, get the attention that each country travels together fully consequently. It is company of American part medical apparatus and instruments below developing or be about to appear on the market a few quite original medical apparatus and instruments: First MRI   that can measure cranial nerve to injure is certain cerebral ministry disease (like cerebral soldier head of medium, skull is injured) the patient often is accompanied injury of partial cranial nerve affects limbs activity function then, and be in at present clinical used computer fault scans (CT) , magnetism resonance (MRI) wait for an electron to become the scathing case that evaluates cranial nerve in the round hard like diagnostic instrument, accordingly, sometimes the examination that the clinician cannot wait for an instrument completely by right of existing CT, MRI chooses corresponding remedial plan as a result. Those who deserve attention is, not long ago of company of a medical apparatus and instruments of American invented a kind of brand-new MRI to diagnose equipment. Use this device, the doctor can learn case of pathological changes of patient cranial nerve. This also is up to now on the world first electron that can evaluate cranial nerve to injure degree directly is become like diagnostic appearance. The principle of this one new facility is: Use a kind of cell that the name is ” of “ gradient coil, the symptom of nerve pathological changes that the change of circumstance of oxygen of the dissolve in organizing blood-vessel through measuring a head in real time will come evaluate patient brain to organize. New-style MRI diagnostic equipment predicts this one scatheless to appear on the market inside two years, concerned expert thinks its gain an international market likely a large number of order. First impedance is enchanted it is cosmopolitan that draw notes hypertensive fault of   of law step-down appearance tall come on. Only the United States has 65 million person to have hypertensive symptom, the whole world has 1 billion person at least is hypertensive ill patient. Up to now, bound of medicine of world each country treats hypertension to basically still rely on medicaments, and the scientist of American blood-vessel ill research center puts the view in respect of medical apparatus and instruments, their classics studies for years at before before long the invention gave injury of a kind of nondestructive to fall impedance of —— of blood pressure appliance is enchanted draw remembers law step-down instrument (ICG) . Clinical trial confirms: The step-down effect with this kind of hypertensive to sending a gender formerly instrument is relatively ideal. Average blood pressure is after the cure of ICG of hypertensive patient classics of above of 140/90 millimeter mercuric column, its are average blood pressure value falls to 130/85 millimeter mercuric column. Why the step-down effect that if is this ideal,ICG has? According to contriver introduction, influence heart pump goes out to blood stream is measured and make blood circulate more quickly in the whole body is the seat of “ mystery ” that this kind of instrument reduces blood pressure. This instrument does not need a patient completely to take medicine to be able to make blood pressure drops, because this suits hypertensive patient very much,treat by oneself in the home. United States of   of the 2nd acting medical apparatus and instruments reducing weight gets Kesasi the researcher that the city establishs center of technology of university southwest medical treatment announced to say a few days ago, they already developed ——Contour Plus of a kind of new-style medical apparatus and instruments reducing weight. This is this technology center the improvement that develops development on the technical platform of Ⅰ of Contour of the first medical apparatus and instruments reducing weight product. Introduce according to personnel of research and development, the principle of this kind of new-style medical apparatus and instruments reducing weight is, the ultrasonic of will certain wavelengh is shot to human body adipose the largest position (the place such as the abdomen that be like a waist, buttock or ham) , adipose cell is very fast after the ultrasonic that absorbed specific wavelengh liquefacient, final classics outside body of circulatory system eduction. Current, Ⅰ of Contour of generation instrument reducing weight already was in the whole world 50 countries appear on the market, have 100 thousand several person that use. Use circumstance makes clear, its can make human body adipose the layer attenuates, fatten person adipose layer decreases 3.95 centimeters on average, can decrease 10 centimeters at most, can reduce 2.28 centimeters the least. And the adipose layer thickness that the aux will be able to of the 2nd acting medical apparatus and instruments reducing weight that is about to appear on the market reduces human body better, in the meantime, its operation time is shorter, right the organization such as the skin of the person that reduce weight, skeleton and muscle does not have injury. The Gore of United States of new-style material   that can repair the hernia that crack aperture is medical not long ago of data research center announces to say, what they already invented a kind to be used technically at repairing to crack aperture hernia is new-style and medical material ——GORE BIO-A. According to introducing, this kind new-style and medical material is material of matrix of high polymer of a kind of synthesis, can be organized slow absorb, reason patient need not do an operation the 2nd times to be taken out repair material, and can wait for its to be inside body by slow sponge. This material is had besides use at repairing to resemble alvine hernia outside the in that way hernia that crack aperture, still can use at parenchyma to repair wait for a series of main use. Concerned expert anticipates, this kind can be absorbed medical new material has very wide application perspective in medical bound. The hemal bracket of the tradition of   of the 2nd acting bracket in can preventing cerebral soldier is used at those cardiovascular artery normally congee appearance sclerosis is very serious, cardiovascular stricture, blood stream not the patient of free, install hemal bracket to be able to prevent these patients effectively to produce acute cardiac muscle to straighten dead. But medical expert points out, bracket of generation blood-vessel, no matter naked metal bracket still is medicaments coating bracket, they can be used at preventing heart disease only, hemal to the head accident does not have distinct effect. And the 2nd generation that development of company of a medical apparatus and instruments of American goes is hemal can effective precaution includes support the cerebral end with Asian country extremely high incidence of a disease the heart head that medium, cardiac muscle straightens dead inside is hemal disease. Introduce according to personnel of research and development, this kind of new-style and hemal bracket can be inserted through simple operation arterial, and what bring about without existing and hemal bracket is again narrow wait for side-effect. Current, the specific technology content of this kind of hemal bracket had be notted announce. Development business emphasizes saying, this blood-vessel bracket still can treat cerebral aneurism, because cerebral aneurism is abrupt,prevent burst and cause the massive haemorrhage inside deadly skull. At present this kind of new-style and hemal bracket is in clinical trial phase.
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