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Yu Huozhi of steel of Xiamen of business of gymnastical equipment production bas
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Our newspaper learns solely, limited company of industry of world of steel of Xiamen of business of gymnastical equipment production (next weighing " Xiamen steel eaves " ) already obtained wisdom base achieve cast, couplet is achieved cast, China unripe achieve cast even more of 100 million yuan of RMBs note endowment, 3 orgnaizations obtain Xiamen steel eaves to make an appointment with the share of 21% in all.

Obtain the steel space after investment, outside be being produced except enlarge, still will buy abroad brand, overseas is sold directly, push out possibly also to have a brand in home at the same time.

A few remove dimensions productivity through doing treatment to build for abroad brand, face the business that terminal market sells directly then, be being valued by orgnaization of investment of illicit collect equity. This is one of main reasons that steel eaves is favorred by investment orgnaization.

100 million yuan are noted endowment

Xiamen steel eaves by the whole world United States of the biggest business of gymnastical equipment production was loved 2003 health (ICOM) company and Taiwan are rich and happy collective and contributive hold water, basically produce the gymnastical equipment of all sorts of types, ran machine is his main product, another business emphasis is export gymnastical equipment the United States.

Xiamen steel eaves just was amounted to formally 2005 produce, sales revenue reached 60 million dollar 2006, sale reached 100 million dollar 2007.

Although Xiamen steel eaves is the earliest happy by love Kang Yufu collective and contributive establish, but develop through period of time later, rich and happy bought love health share, xiamen steel eaves turned a stage endowment into the production company that creates inside. Subsequently, the technology became the one part core that Aikangdi offers to share, after this, love health make a few high end technology and craft be used for Xiamen steel eaves with the means of accredit.

At the beginning of 2007, wisdom base, couplet is achieved with China give birth to the business partner that passes steel house eaves of steel of Xiamen of bring into contact with of Hua Qi bank.

"We compare attention to this domain all the time, and as it happens has this opportunity to encounter steel world " , wisdom base achieve cast copartner Zhuo Deqin to express.

At that time, wisdom base achieve examine of sign up for an examination inside course of study, the scale of production that discovers most enterprise is minor, steel eaves is at that time scale is the largest. Since last year, taiwan fitness equipment produced Shang Qiaoshan to build a few new plants in succession in inland, current, qiao Shan is exclusive the gymnastical equipment with a larger than Xiamen steel eaves scale creates a company.
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