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Electronic business affairs will become company of small home appliance " hibern
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The industrial economy change to network economy is revolution of a technology not just, and one be company strategy transition and people lifestyle change changes. As dominant position of market of electronic business affairs highlight, network economy also brought opportunity to industry of small home appliance likewise. Although the network sells scale to take share year after year in place of sale channel of small home appliance,rise at present, but regard burgeoning management as mode, in the market immature circumstance falls, a lot of respects still are in fumble level, company of B2C(of small home appliance is right individual) mode of electronic business affairs should plan from the product, proceed with of value strategy, sale strategy, district strategy, of this action or company of Cheng Xiaojia phone " hibernate cotton-padded jacket " .

The first, walk along product high-quality goods to change a course. The profit space of low doorsill of small home appliance, high specified number and size of tremendous and potential market were attracted domestic and international enterprise of each home appliance product line outspread to domain of small home appliance, also included a lot of a less known and inferior brand among them " screwdriver factory " , the good and bad are intermingled of the product on the market. The author thinks future chooses the company of small home appliance of channel of B2C electron business affairs, should choose to put in high quality, high-powered product in this channel, take high-quality goods course, be opposite in order to eliminate consumer the apprehension of after service, increase the reliance that consumer shops to the electron.

The 2nd, the price is low consumer yielding benefit. The development in burgeoning channel of B2C of small home appliance is earlier, the price is the as most powerful as competition of channel of traditional home appliance competition a magic weapon. Compare with photograph of channel of traditional home appliance, the sale mode of B2C reduced an enterprise to be expended to taking inn cost, sales promotion cost, stock put in, make its less than hypostatic inn the charge of nearly 20% , have clearer cost advantage. Accordingly, mode of business affairs of electron of small home appliance should yield profit benefit gives a customer, make network consumer gets real material benefit, stimulation buys a desire again.

The 3rd, personalized network service is crucial. Personalized service is improving loyalty of customer of customer concern, education to spend and increase the respect such as the sale on the net to have apparent effect, it how achieve personalized network sale accordingly is very important to how achieve personalized network sale accordingly. At present of standard of living rise make the consumptive behavior of consumer tends individuation, the network cannot be offerred face-to-face service, what can pass demand and information accordingly is custom-built, understand consumer individuation requirement in time, make response quickly, offer stick " new " service. At present some websites already rolled out the OEM product that has something made to order personally for customer volume, consumer can offer the website freely " material " undertake assorted, generation goes out to provide the personalized product of characteristic alone.
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