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Enterprise of peaceful wave small home appliance is logical raise price to promo
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In the small home appliance that report gave priority to with sticking a card on September 10 produces new Zhejiang net enterprise, itself profit is not high, since this year, because produce cost and exit cost to rise considerably, the profit space of these enterprises is squashed further. When the river rises the boat goes up too, the product raises the issue that valence is perfectly justified originally, but travelling merchant can be accepted, how much can the extent that raise price achieve, be about to see an enterprise have right of speech of how many price.

The fact that defeat solution is enrolled

At the beginning of this year, ning Bo on the west rub after electric equipment limited company and foreign trader negotiate, announce the product raises price 25% . Of course, because that paragraph of time appreciates for the RMB, raw material rises in price wait for an element, the person of the same trade that more than Yao, Ci Xi heads to digest cost, be in with foreign deal with, hard argy-bargy, the range raising price that they reach finally is in 15% the left and right sides.

Under photograph comparing, on the west rub be as high as 1/4 carry valence to let a person envy unceasingly. And in general manager Xie Zhijian looks, the result of this kind of negotiation is the thing in reason: "We cost all lay open talk, the key is to have quality safeguard, be in more favorable position in the negotiation. Be in more favorable position in the negotiation..

So called " transparent type negotiates " , namely on the west rub active raw material purchase cost, company operation cost to wait " business is private " , the row looks to the foreign trader, affirmatory assure product quality, this kind of straight-out manner makes the foreign trader was accepted finally on the west rub the requirement that rise in price.

In fact, in recent years, on the west rub product value compares tower above of person of the same trade probably 8% , for the word that presses Xie Zhijian, "On the west rub do not make price war " . But " sell more expensively " on the west rub product instead more and more be favorred by the foreign trader.

On the west rub the client that has an United States, both sides maintained the stabler relationship that offer money all the time. But this kind of relation produced change last year, enterprise of a small home appliance passes the other place low competes, on the west rub order grabbed the past. Nevertheless these low products are existed very quickly by discovery quality problem by " recall " . Eat one chasm to grow one wisdom, at the beginning of this year, client of that United States was found again on the west rub, and jump at on the west rub the product raises price the reality of 25% .

On the west rub sturdier " quality is company lifeblood " belief. Come for years, on the west rub do not do low with congener enterprise malign competition, do not reduce product quality, be judged two years to be by American consumer society continuously " optimal recommend a product " , these were become on the west rub of development international market " pass " .
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