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"New ferry is built " medical apparatus and instruments exports Australia first
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(Reporter Pan Guoyi) yesterday reporter anew ferry learns, exit of our city foreign trade passes news of victory again: Medical apparatus and instruments exports new ferry county first Australia!

As we have learned, this year on May 11, 17 days, firm of abundant of new ferry thing joins " hospital of 2008 Australia international, diagnose, pharmacy, medical treatment and answer be good at appliance and exhibition of bad news material " , exhibit through medical treatment meet this communicate platform, company of thing abundant medical treatment finds the serious breach that extends Australia market successfully. It is during shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River, face the gigantic havoc that natural disaster creates, company of thing abundant medical treatment chose to abandon the export order during this, ensure the supply of aseismatic goods and materials providing disaster relief with all one's strength. Up-to-date, came true successfully to amount to the first sheet of 5000 dollars for goods to Australia eventually.


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