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Finance is queasy medium China is politic
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The United States second borrow the crisis to cause global finance queasy, produce major effect to people psychology level from money market, hypostatic economy to China.

Is finance queasy expose a Chinese money market and even macroscopical economic system what problem? Queasy what opportunity to offer for China? How is look upon queasy medium Chinese monetary policy? How should next Chinese development go? Distinguished economist Wu Jinglian and Wu Xiaoling unscramble finance queasy medium China is politic.

Wu Jinglian

Those who freeze 3 feet are not a day is cold

International respect, the United States erupted second borrow the crisis, and diffuse to world each country ceaselessly, amplitude is bigger and bigger. Domestic side, chinese economy comes up against inflation since last year, city of the stock market, room is tumbledown, the cost of the enterprise rises, order decreases wait for a problem. Popular now a view, say everybody did not expect, came suddenly such thing, I feel this judgement may be not quite right.

A lot of scholars think, the issue that shows system of alive bound banking erupts suddenly. My point of view is opposite, the problem long-standing of world banking system, foreign scholar comments I am heard at least similarly have 10 years.

The core of this problem is the United States. The United States has a the mainest problem, it is savings ratio too low, never exceed 10 % . So how does the United States keep the movement of this economy? It used a dollar to regard international reserve money as this character, issue a dollar in great quantities. Every pieces of bank note that the everybody on the world still admits to it imprints is true gold silver, lend the money of the whole world investment, consumption with this kind of method, maintain a very high living standard. Such, the liquidity that created a whole world is flush. Of course, be in inchoate phase United States or can solve with the idea with little place, if distribute a money in great quantities, whole world of sequential impute to. After the money is issued, the dollar depreciates, the country that devalueing loss is all hold dollar will make up for, make strong dollar next again, this loss went out with respect to marry again, the over and over again is done so. The United States issues the prosperity that comes to the United States that prop up with much money repeatedly, brought a lot of bubble, it is network bubble first, later is second borrow bubble. But altitude deeply cold, bubble wants to defeat sooner or later, bubble is defeated greatly more rise shake bigger.

A few conscientious economist of American say such American way early not only can kill oneself, and can feel whole world, appeal a change this kind of state, but not how old progress. Additional, other country also was not thought out, have international finance order, with what method will try to replace? Anyhow, the problem of world banking system is a difficult problem, short-term also solve hard, china should consider this, want to have oneself the way to deal with a situation.
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