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Gymnastical equipment produces business to obtain wind to cast favour to explore
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Be the stock market no matter go up the advance and retreat that dropping still is economy, in " hind of the Olympic Games guess " in it is a sealed answer, everybody is talking about the Olympic Games is a watershed when, appear to be able to find this guessed solution from inside the prices of gymnastical equipment.

In this print 2008 the 7th period " the capital of gymnastical industry is awkward " in one article, our reporter has discovered gymnastical industry is encountering an unprecedented awkward condition, the whole of industry profit walks along the competition inside the travel with low intense together with to let investor flinch to gymnastical industry not just, it is to let each gymnastical clubs step forward more dimension difficult. Nevertheless, the property that holds everything and fitness to concern by this merely already have no way out is off base, because be after opening a week of Beijing Olympic Games, limited company of industry of world of steel of Xiamen of business of production of Chinese fitness equipment (the following abbreviation is Xiamen steel eaves) as good as Shenzhen city family is industrial limited company (the following abbreviation is good family industrial) the favour that gained venture capital investment early or late, former obtained wisdom base achieve cast, couplet starts plan source and China unripe achieve cast in all the investment of 100 million yuan of RMBs, and latter also obtained Shenzhen to amount to limited company of morning poineering investment (the following abbreviation is achieved for Da Chen cast) the investment of 60 million RMB. Compare the there is few visitors at gymnastical industry, the gymnastical equipment industry that equipment of these two fitness produces business to be able to obtain venture capital investment to must make people new examine China at the same time, the production manufacturer that is in gymnastical industry advanced position people the attention that why can you gain VC? Be the Olympic Games brought lease of life for this industry or this industry is in the rising sun originally in? Existing again in this domain what problem, and prospective development how? These answers may enough from the peek in the company that acquires investment one spot.

   OBM mode

From the point of the link of industrial catenary, gymnastical equipment industry basically has 4 large segment, it is brand, design, production and channel respectively. Brand link is the upper reaches of whole industry catenary, profit space is relatively highest, basically be at present control; to design link to need more production experience to accumulate by the big firm such as Euramerican LifeFitness, Precor, Nautilus and StarTrac, because need is many,basically be segment of production of; be controlled by Chinese Taiwan Steelflex and Korea company at present is cheap labour force and productivity, because this basically is centered in China at present such production big country. What be in industrial catenary mostly as a result of company of Chinese fitness equipment is downstream, be versed in production is given priority to in order to take the place of, because this lacks brand and own design very, and obtain Da Chen to start the good family that throws favour industrial it is to be in China gymnastical equipment market is very scarce with OBM(oneself the brand is made) the company that mode gives priority to.
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