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Euramerican banking crisis enlarges risk of vigilant international trade
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Last year second half of the year by the United States second the financial seismic sea wave that borrows the crisis to cause, had started global financial crisis. Euramerican bank closes down in succession or be bought, take-over, the stock market explodes drop. 700 billion dollar of American saves city to plan to fail to redeem market confidence, situation of Euramerican banking industry continues to worsen, each country government busies help city, the whole world is financial an a fleeing army's suspicion of danger at the slightest sound. In this kind big setting falls, our country impossible pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others, potential harm is in show stage by stage.

Extremely urgent of risk of international trade settle accounts. The export trade of our country uses L/C, collection and telegraphic transfer money commonly (T/T) , also have accept the pay in cash that make sheet (CAD) , tick (O/A) wait for settle accounts means. To exporter, worsen quickly in environment of global money market, accompanying disorder of the market between the bank at the same time, many finance orgnaization announces bankrupt circumstance falls, even if means of safer to exporter L/C settle accounts, if the travel opening card of L/C is confirmed perhaps,be about to go bankrupt, how is beneficiary beneficiary obtained pay? The bank is used possibly also put forward to not agree with unjustifiably in the receipt the dot obtains refuse payment thereby with the end that guarantees oneself. Collection bank goes broke, who pays to exporter? Because Euramerican business standing is sold (namely tick) proportion is larger, consumer, shopkeeper, jobber, importer, and the capital catenary of the manufacturer was broken in some link, will cause chain reaction. Importer asks to pay instead collection L/C, spot pays instead is long-dated pay, protracted pay, bilk Zhang to reject to pay even wait for of all kinds case to will rise.

The risk of rejection goods avoids very hard. In market atrophy, below the circumstance with contractible order, importer is stemmed from protect oneself can become estranged caustic exporter of risk impute to, demand depreciation, return money, reject to collect goods even; Below the circumstance that perhaps ruptures in importer capital catenary, look for a variety of reason rejection goods.

Order drops unavoidable. The country that financial crisis affects and area, people money shrink, unemployment rate rises, salary drops, purchasing power is abate, subsequently and those who come is production and demand of means of subsistence fatigued and weak, order of our country export drops already unavoidable. Euramerican the main commerce that is China is companionate, once Euramerican economy is immersed in decline, its import slow down in demand, to the exit of our country certainly will causes major effect. If affect again Asia, to Chinese entrance demand also can decrease.
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