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Manual of autumn health care
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Clothings of reasonable increase and decrease

After the Beginning of Autumn, the cool and refreshing outfit that loves beautiful Miss Zhang to wearing summer as before -- cool procrastinate, short skirt, but a few days ago, she asked sick leave to rest. When go to work, the little sister of the office discovers room temperature has 26 Celsius, but all along fashionable Miss Zhang grows body length pants to add a body unexpectedly, this can let a person looked not to understand. Groups big fine after asking, be informed, so before Miss Zhang two days cool crossed a head, had film of cold sex fat phlogistic, namely people often says " skirt malinger " .

Dean Li Junru assistant says the M.d. of the hospital in Qinghai province, "Spring cover autumn aspic " the truth is right, but the youth although the constitution is good also answer " aspic " measurable, "Autumn aspic " undeserved, can speak " skirt malinger " -- big Leng Tian is worn too less fall next arthritis; The name is the dermatosis with phlogistic film of cold sex fat, often also can assault those to disregard the woman with air temperature low frail dress for beauty; Smooth foot is worn cool procrastinate or the girl that smooth leg wears short skirt, still meet " cold dozen rise on the foot " , because the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the in relief arteries and veins of human body rises from the foot, the autumn protects a foot to be equal to protected in relief energy of life; The pubic region is in abdomen, it is vigour is essential, protected abdomen to protect vigour namely. In relief gas and vigour are enough, the immune force of human body is powerful, with respect to not easy go to the bad.

Compare with the cool and refreshing outfit of Miss Zhang, after the first rain of the Beginning of Autumn, mom puts on thin sweater to Tong Tong of 3 years old, but the child still sheds tears more than. Tong Tong's Mom felt puzzled, be afraid of child catch cold catch cold, give designedly toted the clothes, how is the cold still self-invited.

Plum assistant dean says, weather just turned cool, wear a lot of dresses to the child, lively good move they are extremely easy because of perspire and soaking underwear, wait for quiet to come down when, wind whiff, with respect to easy cold catch a cold. Cool autumn days during, should add the garment a bit later as far as possible, can wear unlined garment namely, do not add coat as far as possible, because freeze appropriately, can enhance the strength of cutaneous cold-resistant force and body. Body weak should be not talked additionally.

Sleep early rise early appropriate is raised close

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, begin from the Beginning of Autumn, climate turns by heat cold, it is in relief gas closes gradually, shade gas grows gradually, the crucial period that You Yangcheng turns to be filled for shade, the metabolization of human body yin and yang also begins shade of disappear of exposed to the sun to grow transfer.
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