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Method of result of health care of sex of Chinese ancient time
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Our country ancient time sheds the method of traditional preserve one's health that hand down most broad and profound. What differ with nation of the other on the world is, what the principle of preserve one's health of our country ancient time emphasizes more is " day person syncretic " , emphasize complying with natural importance. Want to comply with nature only, the body function that gifts God is safeguarded carefully, sufficient play, it is method of best health care of preserve one's health.

The method of result of a lot of health care of archaic preserve one's health has very good health care effect to sexual system. Among them, the method such as qigong, sit in meditation can adjust well the balance of central nervous system. To the premature ejaculation patient that causes mussily by central nervous function, qigong, sit in meditation can have very good therapy effect. As a result of,be only when qigong of begin to learn, sit in meditation too as dry as a chip, a few people hold to hard just. But want to be able to insist come down only, the profit that qigong, sit in meditation brings a person, effect is far more than these. They are method of abstruse result of preserve one's health really, till now, modern science still cannot discover their mystery is in well.

And the law of result of a few preserve one's health that the ancients summarizes if:

Introduce for everybody here " iron crotch result " the way of work of preserve one's health that this has effect of good sex health care.

"Iron crotch result " it is esoteric all the time not of announce, its genre is numerous. But the most essential essence is pair of external genital organs massage, promote local blood circulation, improvement, improve its function.

Everyday morning and evening, after before sleeping, waking, undertake " iron crotch result " forging. Can not be restricted after the habit time, suit an environment to be able to undertake. The method is:

1, smooth lie or stand posture. Loosen as far as possible, focus attention to vulva. Put left hand on hilum, the right hand holds double spermary in the palm, spend bolus of massage Shuang Gao gently (acid goes up feeling to spend) 200 above. Next the right hand is put on hilum, left hand undertakes massage, the frequency is above 200 likewise.

2, left, right hand massages perineal ministry alternately (the area before anus coming below scrotum) 100 or above.

3, it is a center with navel, left hand is anticlockwise massage abdomen 100 or above. Massage abdomen 100 times with right hand suitable hour hand again next or above. End next. It is normal that in acrobatics process occurrence penis erects, need not be in charge of it.

From the point of the angle of modern medicine. "Iron crotch result " advantage depends on, everyday massage the haemal circulation that can improve whole external genital organs, let its function be in groove. And also can make sexual system unapt arise to the gender to the benign stimulation of sexual organs everyday " forget " , had effect of favorable sexual health care.
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