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Eye health care holds: 40 years old are done not late
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Doctor of Chairman Yang Wei checks section of acupuncture of Beijing colleague hospital oneself myopia very repent, because do not hear parental word in one's childhood, all bad habit all that damage an eye are done, look on foot the book reads below book, dim lamplight, lying to read a book, still do not do eye health care to hold well. But after he attends a college in more than 20 years old, begin to do eye health care to hold, be kind to double eye, eyesight did not glide further.

Suffer visit an expert: Yang Wei, be good at cure using xerophthalmia of cure of law of eye of the embellish that raise blood. Consulting hours: Zhou Yi, 3, 5 in the morning. Outpatient service place: Beijing colleague hospital east three-layer of building of area traditional Chinese medical science. Advisory phone: (010) 58268083.

Did not shield an eye well as a child

I follow parents to raise a limit in one's childhood went Qinghai, eyesight of the class hour in going up has dropped, that moment likes to read a book, ignore the advice of adult completely, the bad habit of all sorts of harmful eyesight is done, consciousness does not maintain the value that key holds to the eye, do not do well, often be the teacher is absent, open open one's eyes look in disorder.

Await in those days, have vision of a classmate bad, I often he goes to for company the hospital makes acupuncture treatment, but the classmate's advise others by using one's own experience also was not knocked wake the consciousness that I protect vision.

16 years old of junior high school graduate, I go to a factory doing lathe work, the job special fee eye, but I still did not adopt effective method, eyesight of at one's convenience is bad go down. Lathe work works is 8 years, I am annual eyesight falls in ceaseless underground, but working property is such, I also do not have method change.

The university insists to do eye health care to hold

Restored the university entrance exam the first year 1977, I suffer father's effect, like a traditional Chinese medical science as a child, entered oneself for an examination traditional Chinese medical science of Qinghai college of medicine is. After attending a college, I begin to protect vision.

I had worn many degrees 300 spectacles for nearsighted persons at that time, read a book more than 1, two dry, bilge ache, very afflictive. Then I am held from the health care that make a key point begin, eye health care holds the method that is best protective eye, 40 years old begin to do not late.

Up-to-date, an eye health care is done to hold before I sleep every night. Still have, see a book tired also do, want an eye to feel uncomfortable only do. Do not look down upon simple quadruplet movement, this can be the acupuncture that learns according to the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, point, massage principle, at the same time combinative medico-athletics makes up what achieve and become.
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