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Teach you neck of office gens prevention and cure painful simple and easy health
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The certain and undesirable habit in daily life and job is the cause that causes neck and shoulder ache, if type or computer terminal job, often undertake be readinged for long or play mahjong card for long. Cervical muscle suffers the effect of some of habit for a long time, can make the head is highlighted ahead destroy normal pose and cause Wan child painful.

   A simple humeral neck health care introduces to hold below, movement should gentle, breath is natural, every movement can repeat 3 come 5 times:

① makes slow deep breathing first, head towards the left sees left shoulder in an instant, see right shoulder in an instant right again; Make chin around adjustable next with flabby neck flesh.

Two shoulders of ② cock of Xiang Er ministry, erect the back of the human body, make next two shoulders as far as possible prolapse.

Two shoulders of ③ make circumferential activity respectively, first half the circumference of the sleeve where it joins the shoulder turns ahead, turn backward again.

SittingWill double hand is smooth put on ham, chin hangs down slowly bosom, make next next first from left to right again from right encircle to left-hand rotation, deep inspiratory and loud expiratory, make neck ministry feels free from worry in slow roll. Need not worry like occurrence snap, that is the sound of bone of the brush when tendon or ligament extend only.

Left shoulder of deflection of ⑤ general head, left hand crosses the top of head to be put in the right of the head, another hand is put on right shoulder; Try very gently to pull head towards the left next; Slant the head again to right shoulder, make similar action. If feel the pressure of the hand is too great, with simple ground will left and right sides of head annulus flow direction is askew.

⑥ shrinks the head downward, two tactics 10 show across puts overhead, make chin makes semicircle activity back and forth to two shoulders left and right sides, but do not approach the head downward really.

⑦ activity so far, can do stage by stage a fewStanding exercise. Stand contractive abdomen, raise double arm to make fanciful rope climbing motion, two arms resemble be being done euqally really by turns catch stringy act up.

Two arms of ⑧ by turns around circles a circle to brandish, imagine baseball the movement of the athlete that drop a ball, press a clockwise first, again converse brandish.

⑨ is returnedThe posture that take, stick the right hand on right face, when pawn turns right, with the hand ministry giving a face adds bit of resistance, two several next towards the left makes reduplicative motion. First to every edge deflexion when, extent wants as far as possible a few bigger.

End an action: Press the hand what combine a line in neck backside, hair and scalp above, next from go up to be massaged downward, the forefinger that perhaps uses both hands and middle finger are pressed at the back of the neck respectively both sides, from above to below is massaged to humeral ministry.
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