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Eye health care is massaged from sole begin
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Point of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is massaged is to plant very had better sanitarian method, can treat a variety of diseases in case, it is to involve the whole body more, to sole the cross-eye eyeball with the OK and very good massage of a few point has sanitarian effect.

Plantar point administer person body each place. Big Mu foot of the foot, be equivalent to the person's head; Plantar before half part, be equivalent to the person's bosom; Of the foot outside side, the place such as from above to below is corresponding shoulder, ancon, genu; Plantar mid, be equivalent to the person's abdomen, correspondence has the stomach, bowel, pancreas, courage, lienal, organ such as kidney; Heel part, be equivalent to pelvic cavity, have genital official, bladder, urethral (the vagina) , anus; Crural inside, make a line of sufficient an old unit of length for measuring land, those who be equivalent to a person is vertebral.

On the foot as departmental as the body an area that answers relatively, call " reflection area " . When fall ill, "Reflection area " often can produce unusual symptom and be felt. People applies finger corresponding on the foot " reflection area " undertake pressing, pressure, blow etc, OK adjustment human body the physiology function of organ of each internal organs of the body, achieve health care, curative goal.

The 2nd foot that massages a leg with finger and the root ministry of sanderling, mix to myopia not only presbyopic have certain curative effect, and can alleviate the eye disease such as cataract and eye ground haemorrhage.

Additional, massage crural ministry to be able to have sanitarian effect by oneself, but should accomplish unremitting. Massage should according to certain route, arrive from sole side of inside and outside, arrive next instep. The hand should have proper strength, with not less than 30~40 minute the sensitive area that time goes stimulating sufficient ministry.

A few words can help everybody remember plantar point: The eye is between 23 foot, it is auditive between 45 foot; Mammary gland is in the center of sufficient back; If have hypertrophy of the prostate, massage everyday inside below the ankle.

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