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Eat and drink sleep the way to keep in good health of travel
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Preserve one's health should be the title of a constant word Chang Xin. Who does not want to have healthy body, everybody understands the healthy significance that lives at us. However, actual condition is however, existing socially the amount is considerable " inferior healthy " crowd. Statistical data shows, while standard of living rises ceaselessly, all sorts of related to food, lifestyle diseases in adult, like hypertensive, tall blood fat, diabetic etc " riches and honour is ill " the crowd increases increasingly, health of teenage constitution, body and mind is put in very big question. Accordingly, today, how scientific preserve one's health, promote the life style of active health, appear very important.

The expert tells us, of preserve one's health should justice depend on a balance, promote the balance of the body and the harmony with external environment namely. Traditional preserve one's health is ancient already had. Civilian adage has " spring cover autumn aspic " , " the winter eats turnip summer to take a surname " wait to have extensive acknowledge to spend the way to keep in good health with feasibility in the people. Accordingly, to reflect the service function of this edition, we ask an expert today from how to eat, drink, sleep, the respect such as travel, offer the particular way of a few scientific preserve one's health for the reader.

Traditional preserve one's health is China the main component with traditional 5000 culture. From knowledge of the derive in the treasury of traditional preserve one's health, conduce to scientific ground maintaining healthy physique.

Actually, traditional preserve one's health removes be placed in the middle in daily diet, wanted to master accurate method only, dietary daily life nowhere not preserve one's health.

Emphasize here talk eat, drink, sleep, the way to keep in good health of travel.

Eat: Appropriate is delicate tell 5 sexes

Food is to want right amount and delicate. " the classics inside Huang Di " told a truth: The amount that have a meal is proper filling gas, eat much the injury is angry; Flavour heavy panel hurts morale, flavour is delicate filling gas. Father is in " moral classics " in also preach: Eat delicate food to hurt a stomach too much. 2 it is the need that should see alimental attribute and body. Any can have the thing that eat sexual, cannot leave cold, hot, lukewarm, cool, smooth 5 kinds of attribute. Cool sex should take when the heat inside body, inside body cool when should take hot sex. Be like: The stomach is hot, should eat the banana of cold sex; The stomach is cool the Jiang Shang that should drink hot sex. If eat,turned over can be troubled by a disease to come. Be like again: Annual the Beginning of Autumn comes climate is hot and dry between the autumnal equinox, unfavorable have acrimony thing, easy cause stomach and large intestine attack on gas of dry showing tremendous enthusiasm, cause the disease such as deaf, tinnitus.
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