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Travel of 2008 Tianjin international, recreational articles for use reachs gymna
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Last in Chinese economy high speed grows drive, tourism flourishing, recreational fitness industry is vibrant, both created infinite business chance and market demand for the manufacturing business of industrial catenary upper reaches, supplier. It is circle of economy of annulus Bohai Sea with Tianjin, Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao, 5.40% what the area takes the throughout the country about, the GDP of creation occupies 1/4 left and right sides of the whole nation, it is the economic area with Chinese northward the largest scale, economy of the China that be called grows triode, the region economy progress that is in China has decisive place in pattern.

Tianjin is the economic center of area of annulus Bohai Sea, it is our country optimum investment one of 10 beautiful cities, travel is recreational the industry developeds, construction of resource development, infrastructure is perfect, environment and service quality level are higher. Develop those who open pace to accelerate as seaside new developed area, of the Tianjin zoology wall that the China of 30 square kilometer and Singapore collaboration build program area base begin construction, add its to regard as 2008 the Olympic Games advocate one of field are right of Tianjin tourism pull move, these will lie fallow for Tianjin travel estate development brings new opportunity and brand-new development level. In the upsurge that builds in Tianjin and area of annulus Bohai Sea, travel is recreational the demand of things and gymnastical equipment increases increasingly, purchase business of business, trafficker, manufacturer, investment to invest the business affairs activity that has busying on hot earth in this from what world each district comes, drove Tianjin to travel the rapid development of recreational line of business, body building.

Travel of “2008 Tianjin international, recreational articles for use and ” of gymnastical equipment exhibition will combine municipal government of each district of district of annulus Bohai Sea to be in charge of branch, guild, tianjin of base oneself upon, rely on Beijing ferry Bohai Sea of annulus of look forward to, service, face northeast of the whole nation, radiate inferior, the travel of area of the Bohai Sea that it is annulus is recreational reach relevant industry to offer to lead an industry to develop way, communicate and reveal the integrated platform of newest achievement. Infinite business chance, not allow to miss!

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