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2008 China Heibei often produces per year trade fair first times
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2008China·Heibei often produces per year trade fair first times

Sponsor an unit: Heibei visits civil administration office

Heibei provincial Party committee often works bureau

Heibei visits business affairs office

Heibei saves a the aged to do

Assist run an unit: Heibei saves senile career to promote meeting

Heibei saves senile culture to promote meeting

Heibei saves senile cause (culture) stimulative meeting service center

Undertake unit: Shijiazhuang respects limited company of science and technology of health of lane of filial piety old age

At present the senile population of 60 years old of above of our country has 140 million, had entered aged society. Because cardinal number of our country population is huge, population is fast aged the development construction that affected a socialist economy on one hand, on the other hand ecbolic also ” of tremendous business chance of “ silver hair. Heibei saves the senile population that has 60 years old of 8.3 million above at present, height of various Party and goverment officials values the construction of senile industry and progress, shijiazhuang city borders Beijing, ferry, it is the most principal commercial port inside circle of economy of annulus Bohai Sea, ” of 3 markets austral urban “ and “ are new ” of mart of China market trade is our country's famous small commodities distribution centre together, also be northward most staple commodity terminal. Heibei visits senile industry fair is the professional Laonian that Heibei province holds first industrial exposition, got Heibei saves the main support of government and Shijiazhuang municipal government. Shijiazhuang city regards the commerce of whole nation of north of China of base oneself upon, radiate as town of military importance, the of all kinds and professional fair that holds every year here gained huge success, especially medical apparatus and instruments of meeting ” , “ exhibits “ Shi Qia ”“ of division of health of international of ” , “ rich meeting ” is the among them person that above average more, in gained huge economy and social benefit while, more formed brand of famed far and near to exhibit meeting. Shijiazhuang municipal government also exert oneself is made can exhibit economy, regard the active economy, stimulative flow of goods, important lever that drives economic progress as its.
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