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The 5th 2009 China (Shanghai) exhibition of international medical apparatus and
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Contain of market of Chinese medical treatment writes tremendous development chance, dimensions is 1.2 billion dollar about, predict to will achieve above of 1.7 billion dollar 2009, china already made the world now market of the 3rd big medical treatment, be next to the United States and Japan, market total value achieves 50 billion yuan of RMBs, according to statistic, chinese government grows every year to the investment of medical treatment equipment with the speed of 13% . In future inside 3 years, year of increase rate hopeful of market of Chinese medical treatment more than 10% , already exceeded Germany now, will be in 6—8 surmounts Japan to make the world inside year market of the 2nd big medical treatment.

Concern personage introduction according to authoritative branch, 2008-2009 year during, shanghai sanitation system builds the investment that has 4 billion RMB the task, equipment of appliance of cure of its doctor of traditional Chinese medicine holds one share, add system of sanitation of Shanghai medical treatment to purchase an amount every year normally, predict to be able to achieve 1.8 billion RMB. Be in the Shanghai of position of bibcock of medical treatment industry, still will attract Hua Dongji its purchasing power of 6 provinces, predict to will exceed 6 billion RMB 2008.

The science that is equipment of stimulative medical treatment is changed, modern, ensure people health, drive our country medical treatment to defend the development of make trouble course of study. Build to communicate the platform with communication for manufacturer of medical treatment equipment and user.

By inCountryThe “2009 that limited company of exhibition of advertisement of international of department of progress of doctor consortium facilities, Shanghai, Shanghai expands the exhibition serves limited company to make preparations jointly the 5th China (Shanghai) ” of exhibition of international medical apparatus and instruments onOn March 2, 2009- 4 days, in Shanghai light congress exhibits a center to be held ceremoniously. Constituent unit with“Propagandist enterprise, development market, introduce a technology, seek a partner to be already held the post of. Believe this second exhibit can bring infinite business chance for you surely. Hope each unit is taken an active part in!
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