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Exhibition of medical apparatus and instruments of the 8th 2008 Guangzhou
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Time: On September 5, 2008- 7 days

Place: Guangzhou international conference exhibits a center (Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise Pa continent house)

Organizing committee member and assist run an unit:

City of commission of trade of economy of city of supervisory management board of medicines and chemical reagents of food of city of health bureau of city of office of efforts of general office of government of Guangzhou city people, Guangzhou city, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Guangzhou develops and reform city of committee, Guangzhou city of bureau of science and technology, Guangzhou

Undertake unit:

100 million sail of Guangzhou city show service limited company

Contact: Bridge Peak 13527646311

Report Word: 020-62206193 QQ: 895162037

…… . Exhibit house advantage ……

Center of exhibition of Guangzhou international conference is the Asia is the biggest exhibit a center internationally, it is wide hand in the meeting is permanent hold ground, be located in ” of area of deputy center of Guangzhou “ city, it is building of Guangzhou mark sex. Have Hua Na the express, east annulus high speed, new harbor east the road forms freeway network and subway 2 lines and 4 lines are handed in collect make subway net. Have enlightened tens of public transportation line, communication is very easy. Exhibit a house to have exceed large-scale area (400 thousand square metre) , freeboard reveals a space (13 meters of clear height) ; Exhibition hall design is reasonable, establishment of of all kinds form a complete set is perfect. Medical treatment of the 8th Guangzhou is exhibited be in center of exhibition of Guangzhou international conference to hold to 7 days on September 5, 2008, we welcome ginseng of personage of enterprise of domestic and international each district, all circles to exhibit wholeheartedly, ginseng meeting, exhibit this platform through Guangzhou medical treatment, begin extensive collaboration, implementation mutual benefit wins more!
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