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Rehabilitation of disabled of 2009 Shanghai international, old people nurses exh
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The 8th China (Shanghai) international disabled and old people rehabilitation nurse exhibition of sanitarian things appliance will come exhibited a center to be held once more in Shanghai smooth congress on March 4 on March 2, 2009. Many nearly 300 when come from the United States, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan area and home well-known company is in in succession this second exhibit appear on the meeting, brightly of item on display reflects the delegate product in giving current disabled and territory of old people things, this is exhibited already can become what dimensions and authority have most in this domain at present, international is participated in most professional commerce is exhibited meeting. Exhibit meeting to accumulate 10000 square metre, professional audience exceeds 10 thousand people. Got career of our country disabled and old people of relevant and authoritative branch support energetically.
As the rapid growth of Chinese economy, of people living standard rise substantially, national whole quality gets farther promotion, more enterprises and individual are caring his enterprise and individual life not just, more pay close attention to the look force group, those need the group that help and shows loving care for, have public figure of of all kinds deformity according to showing about sectional data China is current 82.96 million, this is a latent capacity tremendous, the industry with wide perspective, and China International disabled and old people rehabilitation nurse of exhibition of sanitarian things appliance hold, the company of China and foreign countries that uses moral course of study timelily to be engaged in the disabled and old people rehabilitation nursing provided the platform of a technology and information communication.
Act on “ to highlight a brand, development innovation, pay attention to actual effect, the tenet of consecratory love ” , current exhibit experience of the summary on the foundation that meeting general exhibits meeting success 7 times to hold afore, come on stage again with brand-new appearance. Exhibit what hold during the meeting a series of special subject technologies communicate meeting general to invite senior expert and technical personage visit give a lecture inside course of study, seasonable will newest trade news and technology gather together, mutual communication and compare notes, believe current exhibit meeting can be broad exhibit business to bring bigger business chance!
Finally, thank you sincerely to nurse to China International disabled and old people rehabilitation exhibition of sanitarian things appliance as always support and participate in, cordial invitation you attend China International disabled and old people rehabilitation to nurse exhibition of sanitarian things appliance, let joint efforts of all of us, exhaust a power for the disabled and course of study of senile human affairs, display a love!

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