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Cervical physiotherapy massage appearance gives you the body " untie a person "
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According to theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, neck shoulder is human body head and truncal connective fastness, bundle collect cerebrum, mouth, tongue, ear, eye and body conduct a large number of nerve of information, also be cerebrum blood, raise a supply the only way.

Common headache, react logy patient is accompanied more bilge along with shoulder blade sluggish, neck neck acid is tired, cerebral grave, temporal bilge closely wait for a symptom, because cervical nerve is excessive,be more busy and block of a general name for arteries and veins, make cerebella, neck shoulder nerve yuan abnormal contraction is moved or inflammation, cause local blood pressure elevatory be caused by. Grow deadline brainworker, the person that height of the spirit in the job is centered and elder cause corresponding disease more easily to suffer from.

Theory of medicine of basis of this cervical physiotherapy massage appearance and structure of neck of human body shoulder are designed, be aimed at applying vibration of cervical vertebra point, knead hold massage, and set 38 degrees infrared ray heater, conduit of shoulder of illuminate dredge neck, stimulate the circulation of the blood and cause the muscles and joints to relax, correct is painful, cerebral grave is painful, shoulder blade sluggish bilges, neck neck acid is tired, the symptom such as cervical vertebra disease has apparent physiotherapy effectiveness. This physiotherapy massage appearance is fatigue to alleviating, the person that hairdressing beautiful body is used for the purpose also is to go up the sanitarian sex product of beautiful.

Massage appearance is executable knead automatically hold, fast, slow archives kneads the oscillatory massage order that holds program and independence, right neck of shoulder of the person that use undertakes 38 degrees warm light heats illuminate cure, set 20 minutes time automatically function, accuse with the hand implement, the person that use with lying appearance can go to the lavatory control.

Products plan is beautiful, light Yi Xie, can put park bed, sofa, sit to chair relies on head place or hold the post of how his position, can make good rest massage pillow.

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