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Considerable can play massager (group plan)
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Work one day, return the home to have a massager that is much better. Traditional massager appearance appearance flatly, enter the hall of elegance hard, new-style should use phone, appearance compares mechanization, more the design that human nature changes? The reporter rambles recently when bazaar, discover a few transparent colophony are furnished, begin to just feel interesting, scrutiny just discovers, it is entirely so but delight in but practical massager!

” of wheel “ toy

Say the ” of “ activity, because the bottom of these colophony massager installed 4 wheel,be, push gently, resemble ice-skatinging general. This kind of massager has two pattern, half moon of a kind of make it, will simply be not broken pliable; Another is a lovely cowfish, blue, purple small cowfish people, wearing ” of “ ice skate, dolphin body bends but the place that the hand holds. Taking them to be on the arm, scroll makes a round trip on the leg, ” of “ small shoe was having massage effect: Take exercise single-handed, loosen single-handed.

779 yuan one, it seems that a bit expensive, but get the better of in beautiful and easy, there is a child in the home, still can become to them toy

Can be massager also used when bathing? Yes, this kind of balata massages a glove, work wet amphibious! The massager of glove type has two different sides, have thickly dotted small micelle at the same time, and other one side is the big micelle with wider interval, the massage bead of each different can give size your different enjoyment. After gone bath is shown, inclined lie in bath crock, covering massager to massage overworked body of a day, extremely comfortable. The massager of type of this kind of glove wants 73 yuan.

You also can choose the gyro wheel design of a few hands, contain likewise on gyro wheel soft soft micelle, abrade skin need not worry when rolling back and forth on the body. These massager can swing at will entirely, do not suffer electrical wiring completely manacle, unused moment is put casually, it is delicate decoration taste ” of crab of “ fish shrimp serves  

Of appearance of those langouste, chelonian, orangutan, do lifelikely, the wool of the pane grain on curvature of the spinal column of the shrimp beard of langouste, sea, orangutan is lifelike, although won't slide, but also there is no lack of sing the praises guest. Want you to block them in limb only, the hand moves ground fluctuation “ slip ” , can rise to massage effect likewise.
Animal massager sells 80 yuan, after redemptive home, even if do not massage, also can counterpoise to be furnished when. Want special feature, can carry the sort of 39 yuan abstraction massager, look like molecular structure model, have again like stereo star, can make a decoration likewise, suit to use massage joint particularly.
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