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What is massager

Massager is to use electric power to make massage head vibration, apply to human body massage sanitarian electric equipment. Massage be helpful for easy muscle invigorate the circulation of blood, eliminate exhaustion and illness of prevention and cure. Dynamoelectric massager is electromagnetism type and electromotor type by oscillatory means cent two kinds; By utility cent is strong and handsome with, motion is used and medical treatment uses 3 kinds.

Massager principle

Electromagnetism type massager is main by core (include to secure core and movable core) , coil, vibration plays reed and massage head composition (graph 1) . The coil on fixed core puts through when alternating current, arise namely hand in change magnetic field, in magnetic field force and the effect that vibration plays reed fall, massage head relapses oscillatory. Oscillatory frequency is 100Hz commonly, power input is 10 ~ 15W. Change the method of oscillatory intensity, it is change core clearance or voltaic intensity, it is change vibration frequency.

Massager is main component

Electromotor type massager is main by electromotor, bedspring axis, bedspring, prejudicial annulus comprise with massage head (graph 2) . Electromotor is driven through bedspring axis prejudicial round of high speed is rotational, prejudicial annulus make massage head produces vibration. Electromotor is permanent magnetism open flow commonly, power 5 ~ 8W, rotate speed 6000r/min; Usable also deliver direct current electromotor of type of amphibious series excitation, rotate speed is 5000 ~ 10000r/min normally. Because massage the vibration of the head to suffer directly prejudicial annulus influence, the oscillatory frequency that massages a head so is worth even if the rotate speed of electromotor is worth, the rotate speed that changes electromotor can adjust of massage force lose by force. The structure of electromotor type massager has very big effect to massaging the effect, to assure a movement good, noise is reduced, what should make massage head and electric crankshaft is flexible join is accurate and reliable, bedspring axis bounce is proper, axis and bearing cooperate with lubricant moderate.

Common sense of massager choose and buy

1, generally speaking, should according to utility choose and buy. For example the optional choose that general hairdressing health care uses is portable downy dab massager, and special medical treatment or sporting, should choose to lose by force alterable massager is better.

2, choosing massager by action place also is more reasonable. Because people is certain place is unwell, often can get apparent curative effect through massaging, the massager of the different type such as ministry of the back of special need choose and buy that oneself can press respectively when the choose and buy so, brothers, face ministry or general massager.
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