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Emeritus veteran cadre invents massager to already won national patent
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I invent the original intention of massager, want to because catch a cold catch a cold is cool,treat a patient with it namely the aching disease that cause. Li Shulin of ” emeritus veteran cadre says. On September 3, the reporter was interviewed this year already Li Shulin old person of 78 years old.
that day morning 9 when make, the reporter comes to Tang Zi alley the “ atelier ” of 144 Li Shulin. Inside the hut that controls in this 6 square metre, besides a piece of bed and a piece of table, it is the oneself massager that Li Shulin invents. Li Shulin says: “ is treated for convenient patient, I put massager inside this house, who will can have treatment freely. ”
2003 year, li Shulin caused symptom of ache of arm, waist, leg as a result of catch cold catch cold. Begin from March 12, 2003, li Shulin goes to two hospitals of our city to undertake massage cure early or late, came down one year to cost 6150 yuan. Although aching symptom of Li Shulin is reduced somewhat, but it is completely good to be done not have. “ although my medical expenses is submitted an expense account by the country, but spent so much money I or very feel distressed. From this I think of, burden of patient of very much low income does not rise to massage remedial charge for a long time. Then, I want to invent a kind of massager, let everybody can massage cure in the home. ” Li Shulin says.
Since had this idea, li Shulin stopped to go to a hospital massaging cure, begin to regard oneself as the experiment is tasted will invent massager. After massager comes out, li Shulin used many days 20, he discovers the arm that cannot raise originally can be raised gently, ache the symptom also is reduced somewhat. After the experiment on him body gets succeeding, li Shulin just lets others use massager of this each body. Subsequently, to make oneself massager achieves better remedial result, li Shulin still created a distinctive massage method
Li Shulin says, this year on June 31, massager of oneself of the upper part of the body that he invents, lower limbs won national patent. After a lot of businessmen know, will buy his patent eagerly, but Li Shulin refused. He says, he invents massager to want to serve for low income group namely. Already 30 much people had accepted the massage treatment of oneself massager of Li Shulin now. The massager that Li Shulin also hopes he is invented can massage cure for more low income patients. (reporter Gu Pei)

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