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Massage bath crock: Portray the health that go out with water
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While massage bath crock is washing bath, through current loop and gush rush, achieve the result of massage body, offerred for people more comfortable wash bath to enjoy. As technical progress, people also need not fear furring can jam again massage nozzle, because the nozzle of crock of most now massage bath can be torn open,come down to clean.
The result that peaceful type Wei Yuwen turns vest in of massage bath crock. Current and fashionable bath crock modelling 1000 appearance 100 condition, enough makes you dazzling. The ellipse that the modelling of bath crock has been a tradition no longer, if form of form of circle, heart, sector, diamond is waited a moment,appeared. Bath crock interior also is a deserted white porcelain world no longer; Cushion for leaning on, armrest and the design of postures of all sorts of joint human body make bath crock looks the artwork as fine engrave of an essence carve.

And the hydrotherapy of newest vogue massages the distinction of bath crock and common bath crock to depend on it is to use current to stimulate human body the effect that each place achieve current to massage. The mouth of hydrotherapy gush water that teeming type arranges, special wait for the body at massaging humeral ministry the muscle of easier exhaustion, with switch of independence of finger Yi Ke every nozzle, adjust the weight that wants massage place; Eddy current nozzle is offerred in the back that is exhaustion and shoulder even and comfortable it is very important that abiding large area massages a respect to become, the motive force with powerful water pump brings person first-rate hydrotherapy to massage the effect; Double circumfluence device makes boiler circulation more thoroughly delighted, ensured the fountainhead of nozzle, at the same time Yi Ke avoids the loss that powerful attraction causes; 10 of thousands of warm bleb that distributing to be generated at the nozzle of crock bottom make hydrotherapy range wider, make leg ministry, sufficient ministry and brachial ministry feel extremely comfortable; And the billabong handle of new design makes strong water form becomes follow one's inclinations, design of all these style makes water bath more free from worry and satisfied.

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