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Cabinet massager science and technology is OK also very fashionable
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Fashionable, it is a the most popular now word it seems that. Youth, want fashion, in old people is more exquisite also vogue. It is dress no matter, shoe cap, ordinary still home resides things, the life of people is in with vogue more and more conforming. Family expenses massager also cannot fall behind of course. The modelling of streamline, flowery colour, delicate functional key-press deserves to go up powerful function, not only vogue, and very practical still. What product is so good? Look at once!

Small lovely massager (black)

Product characteristic:

This machine uses negative pulse, oppose electromotive force output, charge pattern of the discharge after magnetism first.

The way that returns electromotive force is after sparking with negative pressure, the silicon steel that uses low magnetic flux piece, collect consummate of principle of the discharge after filling magnetism first; Because low guide a silicon steel piece have low saturation, discharge the advantage that frequency of low, output stabilizes multiple of fast, step up, what generation differs is meet be being lost after so by pulse sparks wave, and as spark electric current reachs voltage size and affect partly on the change fall to affect partly the impedance size when load then the amplitude that self-correcting fluctuates and output voltage, electric current, obtain protection, not injury and human body, won't have painful feeling quite when contacting human body skin so, can achieve the result of powerful body, health care.

Design and effect explain:

This product by double join electronic limited company many engineer course studies at the beginning of 2003 formal research and development succeeds more, after reaching human body experiment through reforming for many times, at (the portion guided formally in September 2005 manufacturing) . This machine uses gentle style qigong, first market gas, hind put result principle, lowermost 1.2Hz, highest 70Hz belongs to ultralow frequency design. The characteristic has low saturation (big, bouncy, voltage amounts to reactive space not easily saturated dot) , discharge is fast (human body is absorbed fast, arrive at ill million area to cross keenly feel nerve quickly, quickly, reason does not have thorn keenly feel, only apparent shaking feels) , step up multiple is low (voltage is not easy won't elevatory, adverse to human body generation) , the characteristic such as output frequency stability, can follow volume of power of human body electric conduction, the amplitude that falls on self-correcting reachs output voltage, electric current, impedance is small, stimulation can be seamed by cuticular, thready pulse, parenchyma, ligament, bone, be as deep as medullary nerve, down path of acupuncture point of get through of main and collateral channels, by inside and outside, place of purify block standstill.
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