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How to choose massager
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How to choose massager
Massager is things of a kind of health care, pass pair of human body whole bodies or local massage, achieve the goal of Medical Protection and hairdressing health care, campaign health protection. Massager is electromagnetism type, electric by its structure cent. In addition still type of vibration of hands or feet of infrared yew relax and massager of the bleb that asperse bath wait.
The model norms of massager is very much: If be used at hairdressing health care but the choose and buy is deft portable massager; If be used at Medical Protection or athletic health protection, but the choose and buy loses by force adjustable massager; Use at be being massaged all over, but the choose and buy asperses bath bleb rub implement, put it in bath crock, from the ejective high speed air current in nozzle, bleb is formed to bear down on in water human body, use bleb flow human body to undertake be massaged all over; If want adversary base rub, optional also buy massager of vibration of hands or feet of China cypress relax, it is to use mechanical vibration, the water that makes a basin medium happens small brace up, achieve massage result.

When choosing massager, see the surface above all, modelling wants beautiful and easy. Start massager next, listen to noise discretion, the quality that says noise is low commonly is good. Contain the massager of strong, weak switch, can open strong, weak switch respectively, see its agile, open switch of “ strong ” to be put in massage place, make person sense has apparent stronger vibration; Open switch of “ weak ” , make the person feels slight and gentle vibration.

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