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Alliance and Indian the end of the year will sign free trade and goods trade agr
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According to " associated morning paper " (Www.zaobao.com) report, alliance and India already were finished east " east alliance - agreement of Indian free trade " (AIFTA) the negotiation of goods trade section, "East alliance - Indian goods trade agreement " (ASEAN India Trade In Goods Agreement) reach " east alliance - Indian conflict settles mechanism agreement " (ASEAN India Agreement On Dispute Settlement Mechanism) will hold in Thailand at the end of the year east alliance - Indian peak is signed on the meeting.
The report says, bilateral custom duty decreases demarcate allowing item to was carried out on January 1 in next year. Both sides also will undertake exchanging views with respect to service and investment agreement as soon as possible, so that be in,came to an agreement before the end of the year 2009, facilitate thereby " east alliance - India is comprehensive economic cooperation agreement " (ASEAN India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement) fulfil. The negotiation will accept onefold commitment (Single Undertaking) principle. The harmonious country that serves trade agreement is Singapore, the harmonious country that invests a deal is Malaysia.
The report points out, the negotiation that the course is as long as afore-mentioned agreements 6 years just is reached consistent. Indian business is versed in ministerial accept expresses especially, the reason is east alliance each country and India have respective care, he states the agreement negotiation positive result that obtains to both sides is quite satisfactory. He says: "Bilateral commerce collaboration space is quite vast still, the target was 2010 east alliance and India are bilateral trading business volume is added from current 38 billion dollar to 50 billion dollar. India is at present east the 7th large trade of alliance is companionate.
Lin Xun of minister of Singapore trade industry is strong express, india alone with 10 east it is not easy that allied country home talks things over. India can be respected in the negotiation east the care of alliance each country, and way is quick, make both sides comes to an agreement. Lin Xun is strong praised east the contribution of alliance member country, more state Indian result cannot be done not have.
The palm oil that the product that afore-mentioned agreements cover includes oil, classics to abstract, coffee, peppery with tea. Lin Xun is strong express, share 489 kinds of products to was not included. He points out, these products take one fraction only, occupy the 5 % of bilateral total volume of trade only.
Alliance secretary-general Su Lin expresses east, of afore-mentioned agreements reach promoted those who have 1.7 billion population east alliance and India open the market, also conduce to rise east the harmony of alliance and India in international domain ability. On the other hand, negotiation of many haing bout although burst, but east alliance economy ministers are affirmatory, will cooperate with respect to commerce with other commerce associate proceed consults.
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