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Commerce of China International investment negotiates have a bowel movement of m
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What the whole world fixes eyes upon is dozenth a commerce of China International investment negotiate meeting general was held in Xiamen on September 8, 2008. Current, the designation of CIFIT has affirmed with the car, the 8th acting elegant cabinet that is this Guangzhou cropland then.

Each CIFIT can have appoint official honoured guest special vehicle, and the certain idea that this also can give CIFIT from flank report and theme, regard home as intermediate surveyor's pole, of elegant cabinet selected also be meaningful.

"Go against city to wave red " force

Close paragraph time comes, CPI house does not fall high, oil price rises, the stock market is adjusted, in multiple and adverse element the influence falls, car consumption market also is behaved low fan, whole presents next slippery trends, be in especially July, look forward to of 15 mainstreams car is more whole annulus comparing drops. And amid is acted " Immanuel " of the part is Xin Yage, afterwards March, mixed in May after winning sales volume championship in June, in July again with the sales volume tall be placed in the middle of 17191 a list of names posted up of advanced car sales volume head, swung other competitor far, this kind goes against city to wave to rise situation redly, let a lot of people shine at the moment, express the admire of pair of elegant cabinet in succession.

Begin from 8 years, all sorts of complex relevant cause, the pace that brought about world economy progress puts delay stage by stage, the industry of much scope above moves hardship, entrepreneur confidence drops ceaselessly, this another of CIFIT principal port depends on entrepreneur people with confidence and hope.

The government that chooses what car to become CIFIT uses a car, be thought generally to have profound implied meaning, and choice elegant cabinet becomes the government to appoint with the car, it may be said is cogitative not 2 choices.

No matter car of the 8th acting elegant cabinet promotes greatly from dimension, comfortable sex and luxurious level field, approach the level of advanced car, will tell from class is very appropriate, the good brand image that its itself also has had, outstanding drive function and the safe level that exceed 5 stars. From the point of deeper sense, the entrepreneur that organizing committee respect hopes to China large quantities of palms control medium dimensions company people with confidence, CIFIT will bring more business opportunity for them, chinese economy will continue red-blooded.

"Jump class and stand " breakthrough

"Jump class and stand " the brand spirit that is Xin Yage. The 8th acting elegant cabinet is in performance of dimensional design, security, power, hold the breakthrough that accused a lot of respect such as gender and environmental protection to make a standard, surmounted in the round already concepts of some B class car, jump class and stand, be close to the class that reached C class car even, be a be worthy of the name " B class " car.
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