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Annual favorable balance of trade may enjoy growth
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The entrance is fatigued and weak push tall favorable balance of trade of annual of favorable balance of trade may enjoy growth in August
The expert thinks generally, suddenly fatigued and weak entrance increases fast likelihood is favorable balance of trade is achieved piece new a tall main reason.
Experts think at the same time, although data of favorable balance of trade was achieved in August,go out new tall, but this one trend is maintained hard, at the same time accumulative total looks, favourable balance presents downtrend. Predicting future exit is added fast will continue to put delay, and annual favorable balance of trade appears very likely enjoy growth.
The bank that start line of business, medium the analysts of the orgnaization such as golden company and Bohai Sea negotiable securities say, because fatigued and weak number of feed inlet is occupied,data of tremendous August favorable balance of trade basically is. Zhou Xi of macroscopical economy analyst says Bohai Sea negotiable securities, very clear favorable balance of trade of it's hard to say is achieved new tall reason, but importing a likelihood under what anticipate is a remarkable reason.
The bank that start line of business is presiding economist Lu Zheng appoint analysis, olympic Games end brings about domestic demand to go weak, price of international heavy goods is reduced waiting for an element may be the entrance is added fast the main reason that reduce.
Look into future, experts think favorable balance of trade is achieved very hard again piece new tall, reduce possibly further. The analyst of Moody economy net thinks, chinese government had adopted a series of measure to promote economic growth to include to export growth, but put delay as a result of demand of American substandard ministry, exit is added fast in future will continue to put delay inside a few months.
Data shows, the trend that China exports rein in to main developed country is clear. For example, before 8 months, total value of bilateral trade of China and United States of associate of the 2nd large trade is 219.7 billion dollar, grow 13.3% , than last year fall after a rise of the corresponding period 3.1 percent. And data also makes clear at the same time, the puts delay to be exported to China influence of Europe day economy also has been shown.
Notable is, 1 to in August favorable balance of trade of accumulative total of our country foreign trade one hundred and fifty-one billion nine hundred and ninety million dollar, than last year the corresponding period drops 6.2% , reduce 10.08 billion dollar completely, appear negative growth. The analysis weighs experts, in view of prospective world economy will put delay further, and the RMB may continue to appreciate, annual favorable balance of trade appeared probably 2008 negative growth. (Rong Xiang)

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