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Advance service trade Department of Commerce and Shanghai municipal government t
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" the cooperative agreement that Department of Commerce and Shanghai people government expand about pushing Shanghai service trade jointly " signing ceremony was held in Shanghai on July 5. Yu Zhengsheng of secretary of municipal Party committee of committee member of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, Shanghai attends a ceremony, han Zheng of Chen Deming of minister of Department of Commerce and vice secretary of Shanghai municipal Party committee, mayor signs on the agreement and make a speech.

Chen Deming says when the speech, department of Commerce and relevant section cooperate closely, clutching research makes those who serve trade development prop up policy, weave in serving commerce, long-term development plans, advance the key industry such as finance, content shedding, culture, computer and news service to serve exit. Innovation of Department of Commerce serves commerce to develop way, strengthen cooperation with Shanghai, joint exploration relies on big city to promote the train of thought that serves trade development and practice, ceaseless summary serves commerce to develop the rule, will drive Shanghai to serve commerce to coordinate development in the round further not only, and be helpful for developing Shanghai adequately to the whole nation set an example and drive effect.

Han Zheng represents municipal Party committee, municipal government to thank in the speech the support to Shanghai is mixed since Department of Commerce is long-term help. He says, 2000, the service trade imports and exports of Shanghai the forehead is close 8 billion dollar, to 2007, had reached 56 billion dollar, year all grow more than 30% , maintained faster growth momentum, face future, the opportunity that Shanghai faces is preferential development contemporary service line of business, the challenge that face can accelerate development to show acting service line of business namely. This is Shanghai according to central requirement, what change economy grows way is strategical problem. Shanghai will be being accelerated henceforth advance " 4 take the lead in " , build " 4 centers " in the process, will take the step that cuts cogent fact, show preferential hair seriously this old essay has done acting service line of business.

According to agreement of cooperation of this ministry city, department of Commerce and Shanghai will accelerate the bibcock industry that cultivates a batch to own own intellectual property and famous brand jointly, comprehensive promotion Shanghai serves the quality that commerce develops and level, the whole that be driven and promotes long triangle area to serve commerce develops. Department of Commerce and Shanghai will build the job to contact a mechanism, for Shanghai development serves commerce to give counsel, provide policy guidance, make future 5 to 10 years development of Shanghai service trade plans and evaluate a system integratedly, come on stage jointly " a certain number of opinions that develop in the round about promoting Shanghai to serve commerce " , exploration is made be in Shanghai about new policy foretaste of go ahead of the rest. Both sides still will encourage the development of professional association jointly, develop technical qualified personnel, breed famous exhibit meeting, active tissue business attends activity of global service trade to wait.
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